IBM Announces New and Enhanced Managed Network Services; Adopts V.90 Standard for 56 Kbps Dial Access

Other Enhancements Include New Firewall Security for IBM Managed Data Network Services and e-Commerce for IBM Content Hosting Services

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Somers, NY - 24 Feb 1998: ... Building on its rapidly expanding portfolio of e-business solutions, IBM today announced new and enhanced managed network services, including its intent to provide a swift deployment of the recently adopted V.90 international standard for remote access dial speeds up to 56 Kbps over the IBM Global Network.

Also announced today were:

"IBM was first to market with a major global deployment of 56 Kbps technology and we plan to be first with a global roll out of technology using the new V.90 international standard," said Dick Anderson, general manager for network services within IBM Global Services. "This deployment is further evidence of IBM's commitment to provide our customers with easy, fast and reliable access to their e-business applications and to connect to intranets, extranets or the Internet for the price of a local phone call from almost anywhere they work or travel."

The new V.90 international standard was adopted at a February 5, 1998 meeting of the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva. IBM's implementation is expected to be swift because its unique Local Interface Gateways uses software downloads to upgrade the network to new and enhanced technologies and industry standards.

IBM Managed Data Network Services Remote Access

IBM Managed Data Network Services provides essential TCP/IP, multiprotocol and SNA connectivity, network and change management, and security capabilities that help make it easier to link remote or local employees, customers and trading partners while managing business expenses.

Today's remote access enhancements of IBM Managed Data Network Services provide customers with improved speed, coverage, control and support for remote access offerings from IBM Global Services. They offer customers reliable, end-to-end, managed switched access data solutions for their mobile or remote user requirements. Local dial calls are now available from more than 1,100 points in 52 countries. Speeds up to 56 Kbps (limited by law in the United States to 53.3 Kbps) using x2 technology from 3COM are now available from more than 600 locations in 11 countries, and are expected to be quickly upgraded to the new V.90 international standard. In addition, 128 Kbps using ISDN is now available in 12 countries.

A new fenced Internet feature allows customers a measure of control over employee Internet usage because access can be limited to specific servers or sub-nets. Limiting access in this way can improve employee productivity and security. Planned availability dates for the United States, Latin America, Europe, Canada and Asia/Pacific are March 1998.

In addition, the multiprotocol tunneling feature is now supported in the U.S. for the large number of Windows 3.1 users in addition to Windows NT and Windows 95 users. Remote Office Gold from Stampede Technologies, Inc. is being provided as part of the Windows 3.1 support, enabling users to place a local call to connect via the IBM Global Network to their LAN applications as if they were physically connected to the LAN. IP, IPX and NetBIOS protocols are supported.

And, under an agreement with IBM, Cyberlink Technologies, Inc. will provide, at no charge, Basic Rate Interface ISDN line ordering and provisioning assistance in the U.S. Optionally, and for an additional charge, CyberLink also will provide an IBM Global Services attachment-tested ISDN adapter and on-site implementation assistance. This service will allow customers to implement high speed remote access for their remote and mobile workers more easily, quickly and with minimal effort.

Customer value features include:

IBM Managed Data Network Services Firewall Feature

The new firewall feature of IBM Managed Data Network Services is designed to provide controlled and managed access to the Internet, while restricting access from the Internet back into corporate networks. The feature resides on IBM premises with IBM owned and managed firewall hardware and software. IBM Global Services manages the firewall, including 24X7 attack management network monitoring, user registration, backup and recovery, and usage reporting.

The feature includes an Internet e-mail feed into a customer's corporate network that allows for the management of both Internet and intranet e-mail in one mailbox. The security provided by the firewall feature is functionally transparent for most frequently used Internet applications, making it easy for users to access internal information, send and receive e-mail, and subscribe to news groups.

And because the firewall feature is now offered globally, users can subscribe to the Internet with confidence that they'll have a consistent level of security from around the world. The firewall feature also has load balancing software with built-in network redundancy for high service availability, backup and recovery. IBM obtains, installs and maintains the hardware and software for the firewalls located on IBM premises that can help reduce customer's capital investment and need to invest in new technology.

The new firewall feature replaces the former IBM Global Network Firewall Security Option and is part of the IBM SecureWay family of products and services that include software, emergency response services and security consulting.

Customer value features include:

The planned availability dates for the new firewall feature are March 31, 1998 in the United States and Europe, and April 30, 1998 in Asia/Pacific. Availability in other geographies will be announced later.

IBM Content Hosting Services e-commerce

The e-Commerce component gives customers the option to start small and grow fast with a low-cost initial investment. The highly scalable offering provides a number of security facilities for use in a hosted environment. Designed for large and medium-size businesses that want to sell directly to consumers or distributors through an electronic catalog, the e-Commerce component includes all the hardware, software, communications and services needed to get started.

Customers may select either an e-Commerce dedicated or dedicated high performance IBM RS/6000 server running Net.Commerce software, Internet Connection Secure Server or Netscape Enterprise Server Web software, IBM DB2 relational database and IBM Net.Data middleware hosted on the IBM Global Network.

Features include high-speed Web access, additional server memory for a total of 256 megabytes, secure socket layer (SSL), staging server, credit card payment interface, firewall port filter and network management that includes 24X7 monitoring and support, and order management services.

Additional optional services include incremental bandwidth, memory and disk, as well as dedicated staging and database servers. IBM also can provide custom hosted e-Commerce solutions for those customers with unique e-business requirements beyond the scope of this new offering.

Customer value features include:

Planned availability in the United States is March 9, 1998. Availability in other areas of the world will be announced later.

The new e-Commerce component of IBM Content Hosting Services is part of a family of services offered by IBM's Web Applications Server Solutions group. The new services supplement the recently enhanced (December 1997) "dedicated" and "dedicated high performance" IBM Content Hosting Services announcements.

IBM Content Hosting for E-Commerce is provided on IBM's universal Web server farm which uses a new virtual LAN architecture. Along with its business partners, the IBM Web Applications Server Solutions group offers a full range of services to help customers enable their e-business strategies. These offerings include Internet consulting, site design and layout, site and solutions development, content hosting and custom content hosting, e-commerce, legacy integration and cyber-events. For more information, please see

IBM Global Services, headquartered in Somers, NY, provides information technology solutions that enable enterprises to lead in their marketplaces. With 1997 revenue of approximately $26 billion and 110,000 professionals in 164 countries, IBM Global Services is the world's largest and most versatile services provider. Its capabilities span business transformation consulting, outsourcing, systems integration, product services, education and training, and managed network services over the IBM Global Network. For more information, please see, or call (800) 455-5056.

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