IBM Helps Taiwan Government Build A Smart Taxation Service System

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TAIPEI, Taiwan - 07 May 2009: IBM (NYSE:IBM) has been selected by Taiwan government to help build a Smart Taxation Service System. As part of IBM's collaboration with Ministry of Finance, the ministry's Financial Data Centre (FDC) has completed the first phase of the Taxation Information System Integration and Reengineering Project (TISIR Project), which was kicked off in 2007.

In line with the government's "Intelligent Taiwan" project, the TISIR project is part of the government's 10-year initiative to revamp the taxation information system to support the rollout of Smart Taxation Services to its citizens island-wide.

As IBM's first taxation consultancy services and system implementation project in Asia Pacific, the TISIR project is expected to deliver significant cost savings through improvements in taxation processes, service delivery and by building a more cost- and power-efficient data center. To provide the next-generation taxation service in Taiwan, FDC will implement a robust and dynamic system infrastructure for the launch of e-tax filing service next year.

Building an "Intelligent Taiwan"

Under the "Intelligent Taiwan" plan, the government aims to build a service-oriented administration focused on delivering innovative citizen services. In line with this plan, FDC's vision is to become a more customer-oriented and efficient organization by mapping out strategies to enhance tax services, optimize public finance resource utilization, and create value to information. To achieve this, the center has outlined a plan dedicated to service innovation, business model optimization, technology renovation and resources and information integration.

This move will also address the challenges that FDC has been facing as a result of an outdated taxation system. The legacy platform was difficult and expensive to manage and maintain, with data residing in silos. The disparate system also affected inter-agency communication efforts as well as efficiency and morale as, tax officers were tied down by inefficient manual processes. It led to unnecessary duplication of work and data, and cost inefficiencies in the tax filing process for taxpayers as well.

"FDC's data center is the largest in Taiwan. The sheer scale and complexity of its infrastructure calls for cross-department collaboration within the government and support of a large and capable workforce. The upgrading of the finance information system is complicated and the process needs to be well managed as the system is closely linked to the well-being of the Taiwan public," said Paul Liu, Executive of Global Business Services, Partner, IBM Taiwan.

"IBM has a lot of experience working on large-scale, complex transformation projects with public agencies around the world. Our strength in risk management and database consolidation is also the reason why FDC selected IBM as the partner for its innovative taxation information system project."

The Taxation Information System Integration and Reengineering Project

FDC's Taxation Information System Integration and Reengineering Project comprises three phases: planning (two years), deployment (three years) and operational support (five years). More than 300 staff from FDC and relevant tax collection agencies are involved in this initiative. To ensure project success, IBM has outlined a comprehensive implementation strategy focused on:

About Intelligent Taiwan

The Cabinet of Taiwan government has earmarked NT$3.99 trillion for the "i-Taiwan 12 major infrastructure projects" within eight years, a major election promise of President Ma Ying-jeou. The 12 projects: a fast and convenient island-wide transportation network, Kaohsiung port-city regeneration, central region new high-tech industrial cluster, Taoyuan international air city, Intelligent Taiwan, industrial innovation corridors, urban and industrial park regeneration, farm village regeneration, coastal regeneration, green afforestation, flood prevention and water management, and sewer construction.

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