Java Support for the IBM AS/400

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AS/400* has exp & ed its integrated environment to embrace leading Web technologies. The new offerings include a complete Java** solution, making AS/400 a full - 24 Mar 1998: This was the largest AS/400 operating system release since Version 3 was announced four years ago.

V4R2 also brings Net.Commerce*, native Lotus Domino*, Windows NT** on the Integrated PC Server, and business intelligence tools to the AS/400, allowing customers to take advantage of the latest technologies.

AS/400 delivers with V4R2 a complete Java solution that includes:

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) - A Java compiler and interpreter, which is integrated below the technology independent machine interface of OS/400, ensuring that 100 % Pure Java** code will run without the need to recompile on the AS/400. The AS/400 JVM is woven into the object-oriented architecture of the system to optimize performance and scalability.

AS/400 Developer Kit for Java - The AS/400 Developer Kit for Java is a set of basic Java development tools, help files and documentation that is required to develop or run Java applications on the AS/400. This version is based on Sun's Java Development Kit 1.1.4.

AS/400 Toolbox for Java - A collection of Java classes that represent AS/400 data, providing familiar AS/400 client server program interfaces for Java programs.

VisualAge* for Java - A modern, visual integrated development environment to generate 100% Pure Java applications. VisualAge for Java gives AS/400 programmers a graphical Java programming environment that can use the AS/400-specific functions supplied in AS/400 Toolbox for Java. VisualAge for Java dramatically improves Java programming productivity.

IBM San Francisco* business process components - IBM San Francisco Java business application components provide the framework for AS/400 platform developers to more quickly create customizable, server-side applications with Java. IBM is making available the San Francisco foundation layer, general ledger and common business objects software components for IBM AS/400 developers.

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*Indicates trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. Lotus Domino is a trademark of Lotus Development Corp.

**Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. All other trademarks are owned by the respective company.

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