IBM WorkPad Arms Mobile Users with a Powerful Productivity Tool for e-business

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NEW YORK - 15 Apr 1998: ... IBM* today announced enhancements to its WorkPad* PC Companion, providing mobile users with a pocket-size e-tool that provides immediate access to enterprise information anytime, anywhere. The new IBM WorkPad PC Companion incorporates a sleek, new industrial design and offers increased memory for customized applications, infrared (IR) beaming for wireless connectivity and file-linking functions for quick, easy access to enterprise applications.(1)

Designed for corporate mobile users, the IBM WorkPad PC Companion is a powerful productivity tool that provides seamless access to desktop applications such as e-mail, date books, address books and to-do lists. This compact 4.7-inch by 3.2-inch PC companion weighs a mere 6 ounces(2) and is a cinch to carry around.

"As more professionals come to rely on mobile computing, it's important that they have immediate access to information anytime, anywhere," said Adalio Sanchez, general manager, IBM Mobile Computing. "Because enterprise communications is crucial for e-business, WorkPad is an ideal choice for mobile executives who need immediate access to data and Internet connectivity."

Mark Bercow, vice president of strategic alliances and platform development at 3Com Corporation, said, "The open nature of the Palm Computing platform allows developers and partners to provide IBM's customers with best-in-class hand-held solutions. When you combine these market-leading products with IBM's strong service capabilities and Lotus' software applications, the customer benefits from an easy-to-use cost-effective solution."

Enhanced Mobile Connectivity
A true mobile companion, this simple organizer is an ideal hand-held e-business tool. WorkPad incorporates HotSync** technology, which now allows users to remotely synchronize with their PC, server data or dial in access through a TCP/IP(3) connection. Users can quickly
exchange data with their PC or server by simply slipping their WorkPad companion into its cradle and pushing the synchronization button. With an optional WorkPad modem, users can synchronize information from their PC or server from remote locations. Additionally, users can quickly and easily access information from the Internet,(3) arming them with up-to-the-minute information when they need it most.

The new WorkPad PC Companion takes synchronization one step further with a new file-linking feature. This allows users to import data from a remote server each time synchronization occurs, making the IBM WorkPad an ideal hand-held e-business tool by providing users with the most current information possible.

Additionally, the IBM WorkPad incorporates new IR beaming, which allows users to share information wirelessly with other infrared-capable WorkPad PC Companions or IR-equipped notebooks, including many ThinkPad models. By simply selecting an application or file and pointing the WorkPad at the other device, within a distance of one meter, unobstructed, users can transfer data to the receiver.

Increased Ease-of-Use

The IBM WorkPad also offers enhanced data capacity that utilizes up to 2MB of RAM (4) which is enough memory to store up to 6,000 addresses, 1,500 memos and 200 e-mail messages. Additionally, a new optimized user interface offers a variety of fonts and sizes for
improved readability and improvements to the desktop calendar provide greater access and ease-of-use features to the address and to-do categories. Users can now easily drag and drop information from one application to the next.

Lotus Notes Availability

Additional new options available to the IBM WorkPad include the EasySync technology. With EasySync for Lotus Notes and Lotus Organizer, available separately, important business information stored in either application can quickly and easily be synchronized with the IBM WorkPad to keep mobile users connected.

For Notes users, the EasySync option provides the ability to synchronize Notes Mail, enabling users to read, reply, forward, delete and create new mail messages directly from the WorkPad. In addition, EasySync enables Notes users to exchange calendar, to-do, address and personal journal information.

For Organizer users, EasySync is included with Organizer 97 GS and Lotus' new Organizer 4.1 Premium Edition. Organizer users can use EasySync to transfer data between the IBM WorkPad and Organizer's calendar, to-do, address book and notepad sections. Lotus EasySync makes the IBM WorkPad an ideal e-commerce solution for the millions of Notes and Organizer users who need continuous access to critical business information.

Tools & Utilities

To further enhance the IBM WorkPad, additional enhancements from third-party vendors are available. When using the IBM WorkPad, the exchange of data is seamless when used with popular Personal Information Management (PIM) applications and additional applications available from Palm Computing**** platforms. Some of these software vendors include AvantGo Web Client by AvantGo Software,which allows developers to build and deploy Web-basedapplicationsfor their IBM WorkPad, and the MobileXtension for Lotus Notes from SoftMagic Corporation, which extends current Lotus Notes solutions such as database synchronization and customized forms to the WorkPad organizer.

For those who need to send and receive faxes on the road or access the Internet, HandFax, HandStamp Pro and HandWeb by Smartcode Software provide the latest in communications options.(3)

Pricing and Availability

The IBM WorkPad will ship in May with an estimated reseller price starting at $399.(5) Additionally, the IBM WorkPad is protected by a one-year international warranty with IBM's service and support available 24 hours, 7 days-a-week.(6)

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For more information on the IBM WorkPad visit the World Wide Web URL at

For general information about IBM dial the IBM Personal Systems Group HelpCenter at 1-800-772-2227.

* IBM and WorkPad are a registered trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation.

** Registered trademark of 3Com Corporation or its subsidiaries.

*** Registered trademark of Lotus Development Corporation.

****Palm Computing is a registered trademark of 3Com.

(1) May require software application conduits available separately.

(2) Includes battery; actual weight may vary.

(3) Dial-in, fax, or Internet access requires a compatible modem, available from 3Com for an additional cost..

(4) MB means million bytes, accessible capacity may be less. Memos or e-mails of approximately 128 characters in length modem.

(5) Estimated reseller price only. Actual price to end-user may vary.

(6) For terms and conditions or a copy of IBM's limited warranty, call 1-800-772-2227. In Canada call 1-800-645-7999.