IBM Announces Powerful Network Ready Highly-Managed Commercial Desktop PC

New Asset ID Offering Features Radio-Frequency Technology

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Research Triangle Park, N.C - 15 Apr 1998: ... IBM* today announced its new highly-managed PC 300PL, the first IBM PC based on Intel**'s BX core chip set. The IBM PC 300PL is the first PC to feature IBM Asset ID*, a new deployment, inventory and security system based on radio-frequency technology, and IBM Alert on LAN*, a new manageability technology developed through the IBM/Intel Advanced Manageability Alliance. Both of these new technologies demonstrate IBM's industry-leading systems-management capabilities, which are helping customers to lower the total cost of running their networks.

The new IBM PC 300PL features the Intel Pentium** II processor, and is available in 266, 300, 333 or the new 350 and 400 MHz (1) versions announced today. The new system is based on Intel's BX core chip set with 100 MHz front side bus speed and comes standard with up to 64 MB (2) SDRAM. The PC 300PL comes with enhanced integrated S3 Trio3D graphics which features 4MB standard 100 MHz SGRAM and an AGP 2 (accelerated graphics port) connector slot for expansion.

The initial purchase price of a PC today is on average only 15 percent of the total cost of running that system for a typical business," said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM Desktop Systems. "With the new IBM PC 300PL, we've combined our industry-leading systems management with the latest available technology to help customers maximize their investment, while minimizing their costs."


IBM Asset ID is a new hardware and software technology that utilizes radio frequency technology to help customers in three critical areas - - - inventory, deployment and security. For most customers, the costs of system deployment and losses due to theft are a significant portion of the total cost of owning a PC, and Asset ID will help reduce that cost.

Through a handheld (3) radio frequency unit, customers can write end-user information ... serial number, model number, processor speed, memory ... and software requirements on a system EEPROM while the PC is still in the carton. This unique Asset ID PC deployment system helps customers eliminate many of the costly, time-consuming , manual steps involved in the typical deployment process.

IBM Asset ID also allows customers to take accurate physical inventories of systems and their components without searching for a label or opening the chassis. By passing the handheld unit near the box, system information can be read in detail. Physical inventory can be completed by simply walking around, without crawling under desks or shifting cables to record PC serial numbers.

When used in conjunction with a compatible radio-frequency security system, Asset ID also allows customers to track the movement of systems and help prevent the unauthorized removal of a PC from the customer's premises. Using a portable scanner, security personnel can scan both an employee's badge and an Asset-ID enabled PC, to log the system and its contents and to determine if movement is authorized.


IBM Alert on LAN is a new hardware and software technology that immediately alerts network administrators when a PC has a problem, even if the PC is powered off or has no operating system running. From a systems management perspective, Alert on LAN technology helps the network administrator to react quickly and effectively when problems occur, rather than waiting for input from the end user.

Alert on LAN technology provides notification of system configuration changes and operating system or hardware failures even when the PC is powered off, the operating system in not operational, or the system is remotely located. These alerts are particularly beneficial when performing systems management on remotely located systems.

To counter the risks of theft or unauthorized removal of PCs or valuable components such as memory or microprocessors, Alert on LAN technology helps provide protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If the PC is disconnected from the network or unplugged from the power outlet, the interruption in the electronic pulse from the system can serve as an immediate alert to the network administrator.

Additionally, alerts are sent to notify the network administrator of other tampering such as the PC cover being opened or the PC microprocessor being removed.

LCCM 2.0

IBM LANClient Control Manager (LCCM) 2.0 enables network administrators to perform a wide range of tasks remotely, eliminating the need to physically visit each desktop. When combined with IBM Wake on LAN (4), LCCM 2.0 allows administrators to power on the system, flash the BIOS, configure system CMOS setup, and install operating environments all from a remote location. These functions can be performed immediately or scheduled to avoid user downtime or to minimize network traffic.


IBM SMART Reaction software works with SMART hard drives and is designed to monitor the performance of specific parameters, and issues an alert when these parameters indicate a potential problem, averting data loss. IBM SMART Reaction allows the contents of the users' hard drive to be automatically backed up to another hard drive residing outside the user's machine, even if the system and network are unattended.

In addition to failure-alert backup, data can be scheduled for automatic restoration, and automatic or periodic mirroring from the PC to the server.


Estimated reseller prices for the IBM PC 300PL (without monitor) start as low as $1,449 (5) depending on model and configuration.

IBM's aggressive pricing for the new PC 300PL is a result of the increased efficiencies IBM is achieving under its Advanced Fulfillment Initiative (AFI). Designed to streamline operations and reduce costs, AFI is built around the IBM Authorized Assembler program and includes such initiatives as products being designed for quick assembly in the channel, resellers co-locating operations at IBM facilities and parts suppliers shipping directly to IBM resellers.


IBM also announced today that it intends to incorporate the new Intel processors into the IBM PC 300GL family during the second quarter. IBM will offer systems based on the Celeron** processor, and the 350 and 400MHz Pentium II processors. Current models of the PC 300GL, with a 200 MHz Pentium processor with MMX technology, are now priced as low as $799 (5).

IBM also announced new Professional Series monitors today ideally suited for the PC 300PL. IBM provides a complete family of both general and professional monitors ranging in CRT sizes up to 21" (with viewable image sizes of up to 19.8") that meets the highest quality and testing standards on the market today. IBM monitors' innovative design incorporates leading-edge technology and meets or exceeds industry standards.

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* Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation

** Trademark or registered trademark of Intel Corporation

(1) MHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed, not application performance; many factors affect performance

(2) MB equals one million bytes when referring to hard disk space, and GB equals one billion bytes. Accessible capacity may vary.

(3) Handheld scanning devices and other hardware and software products that must be used with Asset ID will be available through our IBM Asset partners.

(4) Requires purchase of IBM Wake on LAN enabled network interface card sold separately

(5) Estimated reseller prices. Resellers set their own prices, so prices may vary.