IBM achieves world record Web performance on RS/6000

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SOMERS, NY - 22 Apr 1998: -- IBM today announced that it has shattered the SPECweb96* benchmark record using a soon to be available RS/6000 Enterprise Server.

SPECweb96 benchmark tests measure the performance of systems in Web-hosting environments and at 7013 http op/s (http operations per second), the new 12-way symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) S70 will be the first server to break the 7000 barrier. These results easily surpassed the benchmark numbers of industry competitors Sun and Hewlett Packard.

IBM plans to begin shipping this S70 worldwide during the third quarter of this year and will provide all S70 customers with 100% list price protection -- allowing them to apply the list price of their original processor to the list price of the new processor.

"Customers looking for industry-leading performance for their e-business applications need look no further than the RS/6000," said Mike Borman, general manager, RS/6000. "IBM has provided thousands of Web-based, UNIX solutions and this record breaking performance further demonstrates the strength of our portfolio of products."

SPECweb96 benchmarks were developed by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) and have become a key standard as an indicator of Web server performance.

The new S70 processor delivers up to twice the performance of the current processor for e-business and other commercial applications, depending upon the workload. With this performance upgrade, IBM will have delivered a six-fold increase in computing power since January 1997.

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