IBM Tuning JavaOS For Business To Network Computers Based On Intel Processors

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AUSTIN - 23 Apr 1998: - IBM (A) today announced that it is tuning the JavaOS(TM) for Business(TM) product for network computers (NCs) based on Intel processors with assistance from Intel. IBM and Intel are also working together so that the JavaOS for Business product supports Intel's Lean Client Guidelines. By bringing together the Intel Architecture with the JavaOS for Business software, IBM and Intel are cooperating to expand the choices available to customers seeking network computing solutions.

The JavaOS for Business software will support both the Network Computer Reference Platform and the Intel Architecture Lean Client Guideline. The initial release will support Intel processors and will be available to OEMs mid year.

In addition, IBM will develop a version of the IBM Network Station network computer utilizing an Intel microprocessor, for the high end of the Network Station family. The Intel-based NC from IBM is expected to be available in the first half of 1999, and will take advantage of the JavaOS for Business product. IBM's Network Station will be compliant with both the Intel Architecture Lean Client Guideline and the Network Computer Reference Platform.

``Working with Intel will allow IBM to strengthen and improve the JavaOS for Business product,'' said Mike Lawrie, general manager, IBM Network Computing Software. ``Customers and business partners will benefit from a high performance platform for implementing and developing network computing Java- based solutions. It is IBM's goal to establish the JavaOS for Business software as an industry standard platform for customers in the server-managed environment.''

``We are looking forward to the results of our work with IBM to optimize JavaOS for Business for Intel processors, as this provides another alternative for the Lean Client initiative'' said Will Swope, vice president, Business Platform Group, Intel Corporation. ``Intel is also pleased about IBM's decision to use Intel processors for the high end of their Network Station family. In addition, OEMs which choose to build systems based on the Lean Client Guidelines will have access to all of Intel's tuning tools for the Intel processor.''

IBM and Intel will share technology and development resources in order to tune performance, installation and manageability for the JavaOS for Business software on NCs based on Intel processors. Areas being considered for tuning work include performance of the Java application environment, device drivers, multimedia, security and communications. In addition, IBM, Intel and Lotus (B) will pursue enhanced performance of the Lotus eSuite WorkPlace(B) for use on Intel processors.

About IBM Software

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JavaOS for Business, JavaOS, and Java are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. The JavaOS for Business product is the result of a collaboration between Sun Microsystems and IBM.


IBM Background on JavaOS for Business

The JavaOS for Business product will be one of the industry's most efficient way to run cross-platform Java applications. The JavaOS for
Business product is the result of a collaboration between Sun Microsystems and IBM. IBM and Sun Microsystems jointly develop and co-market the JavaOS for Business software in order to provide It is designed to attract OEMs, hardware device suppliers, independent software vendors, channel integrators, and enterprise customers with an industry standard operating system designed from the ground up to run Java applications in a network computing environment.

The JavaOS for Business software is designed for enterprise users -- such as insurance adjusters, bank tellers and call center employees -- that use line of business applications. The applications are stored and managed on the server, where IT professionals can focus on maintaining the computing environment centrally. This server-managed style of computing assists companies in rapidly deploying applications and services to the end user. Customers can benefit from a lower overall cost of computing while employees are able to concentrate on using computers as a simpler, more efficient tool for doing their jobs.

IBM will bring the benefits of the JavaOS for Business product -- including ease of use, centralized management, rapid deployment of IT solutions and reduced cost of ownership -- to businesses deploying network computers with Intel processors.

Additionally, the JavaOS for Business product is designed so that client machines can connect to a range of hardware or software platform. This is a huge benefit to companies looking to ``plug-in'' best-of-breed solutions throughout their enterprise. To date, there are more than 1,000 Java applications available on the market.

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NOTE(A): IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.

(B) Lotus and eSuite WorkPlace are trademarks of Lotus Development Corp.

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