IBM RS/6000 SP and DB2 Universal Database Deliver World Record Breaking Performance for Business Intelligence

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Somers, N.Y - 12 May 1998: ..IBM today announced record-breaking results in performance testing for business intelligence.

These "benchmark" tests demonstrate that the IBM RS/6000 SP, DB2 Universal Database Enterprise-Extended Edition,and IBM's Serial Storage Architecture disk technology deliver superior performance at the lowest price/performance point for companies running business intelligence applications. The RS/6000 SP running DB2 Universal Database posted industry-leading results of 19,138 Power, 10,662 Throughput and $875 price performance in TPC-D** benchmark testing (see chart***).

Business intelligence -- including data warehousing, data mining and on-line analytical processing (OLAP) tools -- allows companies to gain additional insights from their data. Customers around the world are using business intelligence systems to make faster, more informed decisions about which markets to enter, which customers to recruit and which products to promote, with the goal of increasing profitability and competitiveness.

"Leading edge companies have just begun to unlock the power of their enterprise data," said David V. Gelardi, program director, Business Intelligence Solutions and Benchmarking, IBM RS/6000. "By making the RS/6000 SP faster and more affordable, IBM is providing its customers with the tools they need to gain competitive advantage in the markets they serve."

"IBM's DB2 was essential in establishing this key industry milestone," said Jim Kelly, vice president, data management marketing, IBM Software Solutions. "Today's results demonstrate our commitment to providing our customers with functionally rich, powerful, and affordable business intelligence offerings and show off the excellent capabilities of DB2 Universal Database in raw power, multiuser concurrency and outstanding price/performance for the most demanding users."

The performance breakthroughs, which were verified by Transaction Processing Council (TPC) auditors, ranked the RS/6000 SP and DB2 Universal Database as the leader in both performance and price/performance among all hardware and database vendors for one terabyte of data. Customers can use TPC-D results to better understand the relative performance of business intelligence systems from different vendors.

When compared to Sun's best results, IBM's latest results are significantly better in all respects; 47% greater Power, 82% greater Throughput, and 35% better Price/Performance.

Configuration: RS/6000, DB2
Power (QppD@1TB): 19,137.5
Throughput (QthD@1TB): 10,661.5
Price/Performance ($ per QphD): $875.00
Multi-user capability (# concurrent streams): 7
Availability date: 98/10/31

Configuration: Sun, Informix
Power (QppD@1TB): 12,931.9
Throughput (QthD@1TB): 5,850.3
Price/Performance ($ per QphD): $1,353.00
Multi-user capability (# concurrent streams): 1
Availability date: 98/06/01

Configuration: Sun, Oracle
Power (QppD@1TB): 8,870.6
Throughput (QthD@1TB): 3,612.1
Price/Performance ($ per QphD): $1,508.00
Multi-user capability (# concurrent streams): 1
Availability date: 98/06/15

Configuration: NCR, Teradata
Power (QppD@1TB):12,149.2
Throughput (QthD@1TB):3,912.3
Price/Performance ($ per QphD): $ 2,103.00
Multi-user capability (# concurrent streams): 5
Availability date: 98/03/15

In addition to today's results, the IBM RS/6000 and DB2 Universal Database hold industry-leading positions for performance and price/performance results on the F50 (332 MHz) and H50 servers. Together, these results demonstrate the performance and scalability that RS/6000 and DB2 Universal Databaseoffers for customers of all sizes. IBM was first to publish TPC-D benchmark results and has improved price/performance by a factor of 70 since the initial publication at the 100GB database scale factor.

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** TPC Benchmark, TPC-D, QppD, QthD and QphD are trademarks of the Transaction Processing Performance Council.

*** Results as of 98/05/08

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