IBM Unveils Building Blocks for 21st Century Infrastructure

Drives Convergence of Rapidly Expanding Digital and Physical Infrastructures; Addresses $122 billion Market Opportunity

ARMONK, NY - 09 Feb 2009: IBM today announced new services and products to help clients build a new, more dynamic infrastructure that will bring more intelligence, automation, integration, and efficiencies to the digital and physical worlds.  As a result, it will enable businesses and governments to better respond to and manage challenges presented by today's globally integrated planet.

The new products and services enable clients to use powerful computing systems to manage and gain insight from an increasing number of things in their physical infrastructure that are being instrumented with intelligent sensors.  For example, a utility could build a smart grid to eliminate wasted power, delivering power to where it is needed most, in real time.  A smart grid also helps a utilities' customers to monitor their energy consumption in real time and view stresses in its electrical grid instantly to schedule pre-emptive maintenance.   

Key requirements for the new dynamic infrastructure are:

In response, IBM announced products and services to address these requirements.  IDC estimates the market opportunity for the software, servers, technologies, and services to manage the world's converged IT and physical infrastructure to be $122 billion by 2012.   

The Integration and Management of Digital and Physical Worlds

Today's physical infrastructure is becoming instrumented.  Sensors are being embedded everywhere:  In bridges and roads, cars, appliances, cameras, pipelines, even in medicine and livestock.  At the same time, the Internet is allowing all of this embedded computing to be interconnected, leading to a trillion connected and intelligent things, and the massive volumes of data they will produce.   

IBM is working with thousands of clients around the world, applying its deep industry expertise and experience, to link these increasingly more intelligent things to powerful new backend systems that can process all that data, and applying advanced analytics capable of turning it into real insight, in real time.  

Building on that expertise, IBM today announced new industry-specific services and software to help clients integrate their digital and physical infrastructure.  Through the new services, IBM will help clients map and integrate intelligent things with backend systems, enabling them to gain new insight into their operations and provide better services as a result.  The new offerings include: 

Managing Staggering Amounts of Information 

IBM is announcing new technologies to help clients more securely and efficiently manage skyrocketing data: 

Reducing Massive Inefficiency, Building Resilience

IBM announced new software that builds on its leadership in making infrastructure more resilient, virtualized, green, and efficient, while helping clients reduce costs. 

Building on the benefits of IBM Systems Director, IBM announced new offerings. 

As part of today’s news, IBM also introduced a new initiative to help Business Partners develop and deepen their competencies and skills that can enable them to better respond to clients’ business and IT transformational needs.  The new “Dynamic Infrastructure Specialty Program” provides education, sales, marketing and technical guidance to advance Business Partners’ skills in key business challenge areas such as virtualization, information management and energy efficiency.  Business Partners can also qualify to receive as much as 100 thousand dollars in business development funds.  The first wave of Business Partners is already gaining certification, including Sirius, Mainline, Vicom, MicroStrategies, Agilysys and Computer Integrated Engineering System – who are now in a strengthened position to go to market with a consultative, solutions-led approach. 

Also announced today, IBM Global Financing, the lending and leasing business segment of IBM, is available to provide funding in the form of leases and loans for companies looking to access this new set of technology infrastructure solution offerings. For more information:

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