PLATINUM Technology's DB2 Tools Move Data At Speeds That Exceed Business Requirements in IBM S/390 Teraplex Center

IBM and PLATINUM Prove Speed and Efficiency of PLATINUM's Tools for Large Databases and Data Warehouses on S/390 Platform

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Poughkeepsie, N.Y - 14 May 1998: . . . Performance tests conducted at IBM's S/390 Teraplex Integration Center have proven that PLATINUM technology, inc.'s DB2 management tools running on the IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server can move data at speeds that would exceed today's average business requirements. This high speed of data movement is crucial for organizations that are implementing large, enterprise-wide systems, such as data warehouses and business intelligence applications.

The testing of five PLATINUM tools -- PLATINUM Fast Load, Fast Unload, Fast Recover, Quick Copy, and Partition Expert -- generated results including data loading at a rate of 55 gigabytes per hour, backup of 720 gigabytes per hour, and recovery of 260 gigabytes per hour. Customers with increased processor power, like that of the S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server - Generation 5 (S/390 G5 server) announced by IBM last week, will be able to achieve even better performance rates. A complete accounting of test results can be found on PLATINUM's Web site at

Organizations are recognizing the value of data warehousing and business intelligence applications to effectively distribute information throughout the enterprise, and make information available to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Companies are placing an increased emphasis on gathering and analyzing data, transforming it into useful information, then distributing that information throughout the organization to help staff make better, faster business decisions.

"Database management tools like PLATINUM's are crucial to optimizing the performance of a data warehouse or business intelligence system, and ensuring that users have access to information when and where they need it," said Joe Catucci, Teraplex Integration Centers Manager, IBM Global Business Intelligence Solutions. "Speed and ease of use of these tools are especially important, since most database management procedures must be performed in a limited period of time -- usually overnight. PLATINUM's high-speed tools posted extremely impressive results in terms of scalability, multi-functional capabilities, and performance during our testing at the Teraplex Center.

"We are committed to working with IBM to ensure customers succeed in a number of key areas, including DB2 management, data warehousing, and business intelligence," said Scott Jessee, vice president of PLATINUM's Oakbrook Utilities Lab. "The S/390 Teraplex Integration Center is a premier testing facility for vendors and users working to effectively deploy and maintain large databases and data warehouses, and we're pleased that PLATINUM's tools were proven to provide fast, efficient data movement in support of these projects."

How the Testing Was Conducted

IBM and PLATINUM performed various management functions, including data load, backup, recovery, partition maintenance and unload, on DB2 for OS/390 using PLATINUM's high-speed management tools. Tests used the parallel processing capabilities of S/390 and DB2 for OS/390 V5 and the partition-independent and multi-functional features of PLATINUM's tools.

The test was run in a Parallel Sysplex cluster of two 10-way S/390 servers. The database used in the very large database (VLDB) study was placed under the control of IBM's DB2 for OS/390 database management system, version 5. The storage used for the test included IBM 3390 storage devices, Raid Architecture with Multilevel Adaptive Cache (RAMAC) disk arrays systems, as well as RVA (RAMAC Virtual Array) storage systems. The database contained DB2 V5 large tablespaces, with the largest tablespace measuring 800 gigabytes.

About PLATINUM technology, inc.

PLATINUM technology (NASDAQ:PLAT), headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, with 1997 revenues of over $664 million, provides software and services that help IT organizations manage and improve the IT infrastructure. Solutions include database and systems management, data warehousing and business intelligence, application lifecycle, and Year 2000 reengineering. For information visit

About the IBM Teraplex Integration Centers

Built by IBM at a cost of $47 million, the Teraplex Integration Centers for S/390, AS/400, and RS/6000 are intended to help IBM customers and business partners push the limits of their current data warehousing hardware and software, and design future computing configurations. The Centers, which were a focal point of IBM's company-wide business intelligence initiative that was unveiled February 26, affirm IBM's commitment to developing scalable systems, including servers, database software, data mining software, storage and database tools, to support the growing number of business intelligence users around the world.

More information about business intelligence and the Teraplex Integration Centers can be found at

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