IBM Delivers Premier Space Saving Aptiva Home PC Solution for Elegance and Intrigue

Cutting Edge Technology + Space Saving Design = Enduring Value

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Research Triangle Park, NC - 18 May 1998: -- IBM today announced the availability of the first home PC solution to feature a 14.1"1 TFT flat panel display combined with an IBM Aptiva E84 home PC. Priced at $25992, this combination of leading system and display technologies was developed to give consumers affordable access to the future in home PC system design.

"The flat panel monitors are elegant and take up minimal space on the customer's desktop. We are proud to deliver this new design paradigm," said Jim Bartlett, vice president, marketing for IBM Aptiva. "By combining the outstanding design and technology of our flat panel display with the leading multimedia capabilities of the Aptiva E84, we are providing a home system that delivers enduring value to our customers through both design and technology."

This solution gives consumers a great combination of leading IBM products that have been thoroughly tested to meet their home computing or home office needs. The E84 is a powerful system including an AMD-K6® 300MHz3 processor, 4GB4 hard drive and 64MB of SDRAM. IBM 14.1" TFT monitors have a large viewing area display (14.1-inch viewable image exceeds the viewable image size of most 15 inch conventional monitors) optimized for viewing at 1024 x 768 resolution delivering crisp, clear, flicker-free images. Compared to standard CRT based monitors, IBM flat panel displays consume about one third the power, weigh less and occupy about one sixth the depth.

About IBM Owner Privileges Membership

For more information about IBM Aptiva PCs, visit the IBM home page on the World Wide Web at or call 1-800-426-7235 ext. 4340. Additional information about IBM's Owner Privileges program can be obtained through the Web site located at or by calling 1-888-PRIVILEGES.

IBM Consumer Division, a leading manufacturer and developer of hardware and software solutions for the home, was established as a business unit within IBM in 1995. The Consumer Division's products have been widely recognized for technology innovation and product design. These products include the Aptiva family of personal computers, Consumer Options and Solutions, the IBM Brings You Crayola® family of software, the Edmark® brand of educational software and IBM reference software products including the World BookTM Multimedia Encyclopedia.

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1 Actual diagonal viewable size - Monitor model 9514-B03

2 Price does not include applicable taxes or shipping charges.

3 MHz only measures internal clock speed, not application performance; many factors affect application performance.

4 GB means one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity; accessible capacity may be less.

5 Owner Privileges is available to U.S. and Canadian Aptiva owners. Memberships are included with Aptiva purchase, beginning on the date of the purchase, and are not available on refurbished Aptivas. Registration of your Aptiva is a condition of program membership. IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw the program at any time. For prior Aptiva buyers, memberships may be purchased. IBM's list price is $100 U.S./$130 Canada.

6 Some fees may apply to Help Center Support. Preferred call handling is only available during the limited warranty period.

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