New IBM 6x86MX Processors improve PC price/performance

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EAST FISHKILL, N.Y - 19 May 1998: -- IBM chip technology continues to play a major role in the drive toward higher-performance, lower-cost PCs with today's introduction of the IBM 6x86MX PR333 and PR300 microprocessors.

The IBM 6x86MX PR333 takes the lead as the first alternative processor to offer performance in the class of similar 333 MHz products, yet in a low-cost configuration suitable for sub-$1,200 PCs. In independent performance lab testing, the IBM 6x86MX PR333 outperformed the fastest AMD K6 offering, the K6 300 MHz, by 8% in comparable test environments using the industry standard Business Winstone98 benchmark.

At an even lower price point, the IBM 6x86MX PR300 uses the same design as the IBM-manufactured Cyrix M II-300 product to provide impressive performance in a package suitable for sub-$1,000 systems.

While providing consistency with the Cyrix design, both IBM products benefit from IBM's unique packaging and extensive testing processes to ensure high quality. Further, IBM's global manufacturing and distribution operations are designed to meet volume availability requirements of worldwide PC manufacturers and resellers. IBM's extensive system design expertise also provides those manufacturers and resellers with unparalleled technical support.

"Since so many other chip makers have turned to IBM's technology to help them compete, we decided we ought to go directly to the source," said Gilbert Fiorentino, Chief Executive Officer of Tiger Direct, a leading manufacturer and direct PC marketer. "We've found the IBM product to be of the highest quality, and IBM's design expertise has helped us bring our product to market much faster than we could have working with any other supplier. We believe that IBM's reputation for high-quality technology will attract customers to our system the same way it attracted us to IBM in the first place."

These new products are evidence that IBM's innovative manufacturing technology can play a significant role in improving performance while reducing cost. Using IBM's advanced 0.25-micron chip technology, these new 6x86MX systems provide performance comparable to their competitors, while running at low speeds and, therefore, low power consumption. Together with their support for standard socket-7 components, the IBM 6x86MX family is ideal for use in PCs for the home and small business environments.

The IBM 6x86MX PR300 and PR333 also continue IBM's commitment to support the features you'd expect in a full-function PC, such as DVD, full MMX support for Internet content and digital imaging, SDRAM memory, and PCI peripherals. This translates into powerful, full-featured systems that consumers can invest in with confidence.


The IBM 6x86MX PR333 and PR300 are currently sampling, with general availability expected in June, 1998; US list price is $299 and $217 each, respectively, when ordered in quantities of 1,000. Prices shown are current list prices and are subject to change. Contact your local IBM Microelectronics sales office for current location-specific pricing. Sales office locations, as well as information on the entire IBM 6x86MX product family is available on the IBM Microelectronics Web site.

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PR designates a megahertz-equivalent performance level. It is based upon independent benchmark comparisons to AMD K6 processors when tested in equivalently configured computer systems. PR should not be construed as performance against any Intel Pentium product or other products. More information on PR and results are available on the Web at

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