IBM Unveils Recovery Management Services for Windows NT Servers

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SAN FRANCISCO (Summit & #039;98) - 20 May 1998: -- IBM today announced, at its Summit customer conference, a new offering to recover Windows NT 4.0* Intel-based server environments quickly and effectively.

Leveraging its Windows NT expertise, the IBM Global Services Business Recovery LAN development team has developed a quick and easy recovery procedure -- Recovery Management Services for Windows NT Servers -- that, for the first time, lets customers restore Windows NT Server environments from one Intel-based hardware platform to a totally different Intel-based hardware platform.

"In the past, when businesses would experience an outage of their NT environment, they had to reinstall the NT operating system and some of the applications before restoring specific user data," said Tony Martinez, general manager, IBM Business Recovery Services (BRS). "With this new approach, this often time-consuming reinstallation is no longer required. This service can reduce the customers' recovery window by several hours, improving the recoverability of the NT environment and minimizing user downtime."

Martinez continued, "we've always had a multi-platform approach to disaster recovery, this just expands our offering while addressing the critical requirements of our growing NT customer base."

With Windows NT Server becoming a leading operating environment for email, file, print, remote access and communications servers, these procedures allows the customer to reduce their recovery window of such critical business applications when recovering NT from different hardware architectures. It is significant because this new service eliminates the difficulties related to hardware features between production and recovery servers. And in a disaster, getting the same make and model can be a challenge.

"We're particularly interested in this new service because it overcomes many of the hurdles we've encountered in the past when recovering an NT Server environment," said Randy Kolodzey, disaster recovery manager of ABN-AMRO. "Recovery Management Services for Windows NT Servers could have the potential for reducing our recovery window."

Customers provide Business Recovery Services with their media containing NT operating system, applications, and data. BRS then performs all the necessary tasks to restore the NT environment.

"I can't tell you how many times customers are caught in a situation where the hardware has been different, and it has cost them hours in recovery time," explained Randy Middlebrooks, BRS LAN Recovery Engineer. "Now all that could change because we've developed this recovery solution for the NT marketplace."

Over the past six years, IBM Global Services business recovery services has successfully recovered more than 300 customers from many types of disasters including Hurricanes Opal, Erin and Andrew, the Oklahoma City and World Trade Center bombings, the Los Angeles earthquake; infrastructure disasters, such as telecommunications failures, or electrical outages; and operational disasters, such as failure in hardware or software.

For more information about IBM business recovery services, go to the business recovery services home page at or call 1-800-599-9950.

IBM Global Services, headquartered in Somers, New York, delivers strategic IT solutions that help customers transform their businesses, improve time to market and increase shareholder value. With 1997 revenue of approximately $26 billion and 110,000 professionals in 164 countries, IBM Global Services is the world's largest and most versatile IT services provider. Its capabilities span a complete range, including product support and global network services, as well as consulting, outsourcing, systems integration, and education and training. For more information on IBM Global Services, visit

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