IBM Lowers Cost, Broadens Desktop Computing for Business With New Chip Technology

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. - 26 May 1998: -IBM(a) today announced a powerful new desktop computer, based on Intel's Celeron(b) processor, that is designed for customers who want to take advantage of the latest chip technology at an entry-level price point.

The new Celeron-based PC 300GL is a value-priced extension of the existing IBM PC 300GL line. With the addition of the new PC 300GL Celeron-based models, IBM offers the most complete line of highly-managed business PCs available today.

``The low cost, highly manageable IBM PC 300GL model announced today is an exciting option for today's entry-level business users,'' said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM Desktop Systems. The new PC 300GL is the right fit for value-conscious customers operating core business applications, and makes available more features and functions at the entry-level of the market.``

The new IBM PC 300GL is based on Intel's 440LX chipset. Standard models of the new 266 MHz (1) IBM PC 300GL are available with either 16 or 32 MB RAM (maximum of 256 MB), a 2.1 GB (2) hard drive, Advanced Graphics Port technology and 2MB of Video RAM. The new IBM PC 300GL comes pre-loaded with Windows NT(c) or Windows 95.

The new PC 300GL features SMART Reaction, which protects critical data from loss due to hard drive failure, IBM Wake on LAN(a) and LANClient Control Manager(a) 2.0 software. These technologies enable MIS managers to perform a wide range of tasks from a remote location, including software downloads and BIOS updates.

Estimated reseller prices for the new IBM PC 300GL Celeron-based models start at just $ 969 (3), depending on model and configuration.

IBM's aggressive pricing on the PC 300 family is the result of the increased efficiencies IBM is achieving under its Advanced Fulfillment Initiative (AFI). Designed to streamline operations and reduce costs, AFI is built around the IBM Authorized Assembler Program and includes such initiatives as products being designed for quick assembly in the channel, resellers co-locating operations at IBM facilities and part suppliers shipping directly to IBM resellers.

In addition to the Celeron 266 MHz processor models announced today, IBM will also offer a Celeron-based PC 300GL with a 300 MHz processor, when that 300 MHz Celeron version becomes available from Intel.

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(a) trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.

(b) trademark or registered trademark of Intel Corp.

(c) trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

(1) MHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed, not application performance; many factors affect application performance

(2) MB equals one million bytes when referring to hard disk space, and GB equals one billion bytes. Accessible capacity may vary

(3) Estimated reseller price. Resellers set their own prices, so prices may vary.