IBM Brings You Three New Crayola Multimedia Titles

Make a Masterpiece, 3D Castle Creator and Paint 'n Play Pony

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Electronic Entertainment Expo, Atlanta - 28 May 1998: - IBM today announced three new multimedia software titles, each with an estimated retail price of $19.95, designed to help kids ages five to 12 learn while they create.

With Crayola Make a Masterpiece, children are given powerful, animated art tools and expert guidance that inspires them to create dazzling pictures while also learning about art styles from around the world. Crayola 3D Castle Creator enables children to build 3D castles and then walk around and inside their creations using real-time 3D technology. Crayola Paint 'n Play Pony captivates the interest of young girls as they design, decorate, dress and take care of their very own virtual pony, horse or unicorn.

"Binney & Smith and IBM understand how children play, learn and use technology. Together, we have designed a winning formula for developing creativity software programs that children love to use and parents feel great about bringing into homes," said Susan Gluck, general manager of IBM's East Coast Multimedia Studio. "With each new product we offer, we strive to deliver a new level of creative inspiration, artistic expression and learning power to children and parents."

Crayola Shows Kids How to Make a Masterpiece

Make a Masterpiece provides children ages five to 12 with powerful, animated art tools and expert guidance to inspire them to create imaginative masterpieces while gaining an appreciation and understanding of art from around the world. When children enter the program, they are provided with a collection of realistic and wacky art tools that look and sound real, ranging from watercolors and chalk to popping popcorn and foaming shaving cream. Unique to the category of children's art programs is a powerful "Effects Tool" that enables children to transform their creations into established art styles, such as pointillism, neon and mosaic. They can also import their own photos and graphics, manipulate them with the tools and then export them to friends and family through e-mail.

If they need help getting started, children can turn to Scribble, their personal art mentor, who can guide them on a journey to exotic destinations, such as rain forests and deserts, where they encounter audio and visual experiences designed to spark their creativity. In total, there are more than 100 creative idea starters that will challenge children on their travels.

In addition to the wealth of art tools and stimuli, the program also features "Scribble's Journal" which includes artwork from The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. and the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as information on famous artists, art styles and more.

Crayola 3D Castle Creator Builds Fortresses of Fun and Learning for Children

Crayola 3D Castle Creator enables children to build thousands of majestic 3D castle worlds and then explore their creations through real-time 3D technology. Children can build with more than 60 3D castle pieces and further customize their castles using Crayola colors and wacky textures. Exciting real-time 3D technology enables children to walk inside and around their castles. While inside their castles, children meet a full cast of animated castle characters and see authentic décor, including furniture, tapestries, artwork and more. For younger children, pre-built castles come ready to be colored and explored. In addition, there's the Castle Handbook, rich with historical information about Medieval castles and castle life, as well as a Castle Glossary.

Extending the fun and creativity beyond the computer screen, children can print out tapestries, heraldry, character cutouts and a complete set of building pieces and blueprints for constructing their own 3D castle worlds off-screen. In addition, children can print out castle stationery to write to friends and family.

Every Girl Finally Gets Her Own Pony, Horse or Unicorn with Crayola Paint 'n Play Pony

Paint 'n Play Pony lets girls create and care for the virtual pony, horse or unicorn of their dreams. Designed especially for girls ages five to eight, Paint 'n Play Pony combines a popular theme with proven play patterns such as fashion designing, arts and crafts, hair play and nurturing play to make a complete creativity kit. Plus, there are activities that build reading and writing skills, and knowledge of history.

Girls can color and decorate different breeds, dress their new friends in dazzling clothing and cut, braid and style their hair. They can nurture their ponies in the Stable, which is filled with cleaning, grooming, food and medicine tools. For program help, girls can turn to their friendly guide, Penelope the Pig. Once girls have created the pony of their dreams, they can read or write a story about their pony. Penelope also shares her scrapbook of celebrity horse profiles, such as Paul Revere's horse. To extend the fun off-screen, girls can print out horse-themed stationery, ribbons, certificates and more.

Pricing and Availability

IBM Brings You Crayola Make a Masterpiece, 3D Castle Creator and Paint 'n Play Pony multimedia software titles are planned to be available in the summer of 1998 with an estimated retail price of $19.95. Retail prices may vary. Make a Masterpiece and Paint 'n Play Pony will be available for Windows and Macintosh computers, and 3D Castle Creator will be available for Windows computers.

IBM Consumer Division

IBM Consumer Division, a leading manufacturer and developer of hardware and software solutions for the home, was established as a business unit within IBM in 1995. The Consumer Division's products have been widely recognized for technology innovation and product design. These products include the Aptiva family of personal computers, Consumer Options and Solutions, the IBM Brings You Crayola family of software, the Edmark brand of educational software and IBM reference software products including the World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia.

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IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. Make a Masterpiece, 3D Castle Creator and Paint 'n Play Pony are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. Crayola, the serpentine and chevron designs, and crayon characters are registered trademarks, and the rainbow/swash design is a trademark of Binney & Smith Properties, Inc. Used under license. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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