Media-Saturn to Outsource Its Data Centers in Germany to IBM

A Five-Year Outsourcing Contract Worth Double-Digit Million Euro

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INGOLSTADT, GERMANY and STUTTGART, GERMANY - 10 Dec 2008: Media-Saturn IT Services GmbH, the information technology (IT) service company of Media-Saturn Group, and IBM (NYSE: IBM) have signed a five-year outsourcing contract. The contact is worth double-digit million Euro and includes the complete outsourcing of the data centers at Media-Saturn's locations in Ingolstadt and Munich, which have been operated centrally up to now.

With the new IT outsourcing contract, Media-Saturn will continue its strategy to focus resources on their core competencies and to outsource selective services to external providers. IBM will become the services provider for the operation of Media-Saturn's data centers in Ingolstadt and Munich. During the upcoming year the data centers will be moved to IBM's state-of-the-art data center in Frankfurt. For example, the financial and logistic systems of Media-Saturn will be managed out of there. In addition, a virtualization concept is a central component of the outsourcing contract.

"Managing a data center is not one of our strategic IT core competencies. Furthermore Media-Saturn Group's proceeding expansion demands growing area or data centers and an appropriate infrastructure," said Wolfgang Lux, member of management board of Media-Saturn Group and responsible for IT. "With IBM we found a partner who will support our plan."

During the upcoming year, IBM will transfer Media-Saturn's applications to IBM's data center in Frankfurt and will be responsible for system management. An additional component of the agreement is that IBM is will convert all of Media-Saturn's relevant systems to IBM hardware.

"Media-Saturn was looking for a compelling, high-value technical solution," said Michael Diemer, IBM General Manager, Global Technology Services in Germany. "IBM's in-depth knowledge of the industry and experience with global clients made us a good partner for them."

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