Report Finds IBM Supercomputers Most Energy Efficient in the World

IBM Dominates Green500; Top 20 Energy Efficient Supercomputers Made by IBM, Also Accounts for 78 Percent of Top 50

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ARMONK, NY - 21 Nov 2008: A new report, announced today, found that IBM (NYSE: IBM) supercomputers already deemed the most powerful in the world are also the most energy efficient according to the findings of the latest Supercomputing 'Green 500 List' announced by The

The report found that the top 20 most energy efficient supercomputers in the world are built on IBM high performance computing technology. The list includes supercomputers from across the globe being used for a variety of applications such as astronomy, climate prediction and pharmaceutical research. IBM also holds 39 of the top 50 positions on this list.

The number one most energy efficient system in the world -- an IBM supercomputer based on QS22 Blade servers at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, University of Warsaw -- produces more than 536 Mflops (millions of floating point operations per second) per watt of energy.

By comparison, the first non IBM entry on the list offers about half the performance -- 240 Mflops per watt -- than IBM's number one system. The most energy efficient system from HP offer's less than half the performance -- 217 Mflops per watt -- than the top IBM system.

The recently announced world's fastest supercomputer in the world, the IBM petaflop supercomputer at Los Alamos National Laboratories, is ranked at number nine in energy efficiency, while the second most powerful supercomputer in the world manufactured by Cray is ranked 80th on the list, producing only 153 Mflops per watts.

"Modern supercomputers can no long focus only on raw performance," said David Turek, vice president, deep computing, IBM. "To be commercially viable these systems most also be energy efficient. IBM has a rich history of innovation that has significantly increased microprocessor energy efficiency. We have also driven advances that include our Cool Blue technology portfolio and added to our Project Big Green solutions that are designed to simultaneously reduce data center costs and energy use."

The average energy efficiency of all IBM systems on the Green500 list is 135.58 Mflops per watt, significantly higher than the 76.34 megaflops per watt average of non-IBM systems and more than double that of HP, with a total system energy efficiency average of 57.22 megaflops per watt.

The Green 500 list is published by The It provides a ranking of the most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world and serves as a complementary view to the TOP500 list of worldwide supercomputers announced earlier this week by

More information about the Green500 List available at:

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Maciej Remiszewski, STG IBM Poland; Uwe Posautz, Vice President IBM Systems and Technology Group Central and Eastern Europe (CEE); Proffesor Marek Niezgódka, ICM Director; Krzysztof Bulaszewski, STG Director, IBM Poland; Renata Kuśmider, Academic Initiative IBM Poland; Maciej Cytowski, ICM.

The Green 500 report ( announced yesterday found that the most energy efficient supercomputer in the world is the IBM system installed in the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM), at the University of Warsaw.