IBM Dominates PC Week's Winner's Circle Awards At PC Expo

IBM Netfinity 5500 Server Judged Best Of Show

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NEW YORK - 18 Jun 1998: - In a ceremony today at PC Expo, PC Week editors awarded the IBM Netfinity 5500 and the new IBM Small Business Telephony Solution with three PC Week Winner's Circle awards.

The Netfinity 5500 was judged both the overall best of show, winning PC Week's Expo Excellence Award, and in its category, enterprise computing. The IBM Small Business Telephony Solution also joined PC Week's Winner Circle, winning in the networking category. IBM's new ViaVoice ྞ Speech recognition software was a Winner's Circle finalist, dubbed a ``Must See'' by PC Week editors.

``We are delighted that the PC Week editors have recognized our products as the best in the industry,'' said David Thomas, IBM senior vice president and group executive. ``These awards reflect IBM's commitment to providing customers with innovative, affordable e-business tools -- incorporating industry-leading technology and systems manageability features -- for businesses of all sizes.''

The IBM Netfinity 5500, a new high-availability Intel processor-based server, comes standard with a 350 or 400 MHz Pentium II processor, 128 MBps SDRAM memory, and a dual-channel wide Ultra SCSI RAID controller that handles data up to 400 MBps. Featuring IBM's exclusive Light-Path diagnostics, which is equivalent to the light path inside a copier that locates a paper jam, customers can quickly and correctly identify a failed component, helping reduce service time.

The IBM Small Business Telephony Solution, a new Intel-based server solution for small businesses with up to 100 users, provides efficient call handling, increased productivity and low usage and maintenance costs. The solution ships with select IBM Netfinity servers, a telephony adapter card, on-board switching capabilities between incoming lines and local extensions and a performance-enhancing software bundle. Plus, customers have the added benefit of a single point of contact for support and SystemXtra services and financing options.

ViaVoice `98, the next generation of IBM's powerful, easy-to-use speech recognition software, provides users with the ability to interact with their PCs more naturally. Natural Language Commands allow customers to create, edit and format documents in Microsoft 97. The innovative hands-free editing feature and correction mode enables customers to say what they want to have happen more naturally and the computer will react.

For more information on the IBM Netfinity 5500 sever, the IBM Small Business Telephony Solution or ViaVoice `98, visit the IBM World Wide Web site at:

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