IBM Helps Companies Turn Simple Web Sites Into Powerful E-business Solutions

Bundles Leading-Edge Tools And Technologies From Apache And NetObjects Into IBM WebSphere Application Server

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SAN FRANCISCO - 22 Jun 1998: . . . IBM today announced several enhancements to its Web application server product line to help customers build, deploy and manage Web-based applications. This leading-edge offering helps customers move from static Web sites to building powerful e-business solutions. As part of today's announcement, IBM will:

IBM's WebSphere product line consists of WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Performance Pack*. WebSphere Application Server is IBM's Java** servlet-based Web application server that helps customers to deploy and manage Web-based applications. WebSphere Performance Pack is software that offers a reliable and scalable environment for rapidly-growing, high-volume Web sites. Both products will be available this month.

"By delivering WebSphere with the Apache HTTP Server and adding new application building capabilities from NetObjects, WebSphere offers Web site developers the opportunity to create a whole new class of e-business applications," said Paraic Sweeney, vice president, Web Server Software Marketing at IBM. "Now Web site developers can take advantage of both Java programming and the scalability provided by WebSphere."

The enhanced WebSphere products allow customers to move from using the Web for publishing static Web pages to creating dynamic e-business solutions. IBM WebSphere Application Server works with most industry-standard HTTP servers, including those from Netscape and Microsoft, while both the Apache HTTP Server and Lotus Domino Go Webserver will be shipped with WebSphere Application Server.

IBM Teams Up With Apache

IBM will ship the Apache HTTP server with the IBM WebSphere Application Server, helping current Apache users to evolve to e-business solutions. As part of the WebSphere Application Server package, IBM will provide commercial, enterprise-level support for the Apache HTTP Server. In addition, IBM will be a full participant in the Apache HTTP Server Project, a collaborative development effort, and will make contributions to enhance the capabilities of the Apache HTTP Server. This will allow IBM customers to benefit from the broad range of skills and partners in the marketplace, while the Apache community can take advantage of IBM's development contributions and industry-leading support and services.

NetObjects Complements WebSphere Application Server with Advanced Scripting Tools

NetObjects delivers the first development tool of what will become a comprehensive tool set for building, deploying and managing dynamic Web sites using WebSphere Application Server. NetObjects' new ScriptBuilder 2.01 offers Web site developers a powerful, easy-to-use script editor for creating Java Server Pages.

For a limited time, IBM is offering a complimentary downloadable copy of NetObjects' ScriptBuilder to customers of WebSphere Application Server. IBM will incorporate NetObjects Fusion and NetObjects TeamFusion site development tools into future releases of the WebSphere product line to support rapid development of e-business solutions by individuals and teams of Web site developers.

IBM's WebSphere tool set also will include IBM VisualAge* for Java and "wizards" for the NetObjects tools to automate tasks such as generating code for database integration. As a result, developers can easily build, deploy and manage dynamic Web sites using the WebSphere Application Server.

IBM Net.Commerce and WebSphere

The current release of Net.Commerce Pro includes the Java servlet runtime technology from the WebSphere Application Server. In addition, Net.Commerce can be used with the WebSphere Performance Pack to achieve the highest levels of performance and scalability. Future releases of Net.Commerce will share additional WebSphere components including NetObjects Fusion for application development and the Apache HTTP Server for HTTP services.

WebSphere and IBM San Francisco

WebSphere Application Server users can now connect to applications developed using IBM San Francisco* business application components for Java. San Francisco-built applications can be accessed by an HTML page using servlets deployed on the WebSphere Application Server. San Francisco 1.2 is now shipping a sample "connector" servlet that works with WebSphere Application Server.

Platform Support and Availability

WebSphere Application Server will be available on June 30, 1998 for Sun Solaris**, Microsoft Windows NT** and IBM AIX* at a price of US$795. WebSphere Application Server now ships as a no-charge feature with OS/390*, and will be available with OS/400* later this year.

WebSphere will work with Lotus Domino as it would with the HTTP services of other solutions. This offers customers an opportunity to realize high return applications that integrate commerce, business processes, and content capabilities.

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