IBM Solutions Take HBOC Network Into Next Millennium

IBM Selected as Storage Standard for Major Healthcare Software Organization

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WHITE PLAINS, NY - 23 Jun 1998: -IBM today announced that HBOC, the world's largest provider of healthcare information systems, has selected IBM's enterprise backup and recovery offerings as the official solution for HBOC's integrated healthcare network customers.

The IBM/HBOC business partnership agreement extends into the next millennium and demonstrates IBM's ability to deliver long-term, strategic storage solutions to the enterprise.

IBM's 3466 Network Storage Manager (NSM) solution has been installed at HBOC's Corporate Data Center in Atlanta and now will be offered to approximately 2,800 HBOC customer locations. The 3466 NSM is an integrated package of leading-edge hardware and software technologies, designed to provide enterprise backup and recovery for large volumes of data. The NSM incorporates IBM's award-winning ADSTAR(a) Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM), an automated on-line backup and recovery software management solution that also will be recommended to HBOC customers as a separate offering, where appropriate.

``We're very pleased that HBOC has chosen IBM as its partner and selected the Network Storage Manager to help manage the growth and complexity of its critical information assets,'' said Russell J. Ricci, general manager of IBM's Global Heathcare Industry. ``Integrated solutions like Network Storage Manager aim for one thing...making our customers' information assets even more valuable to them. HBOC's customers will have the flexibility of using the full Network Storage Manager solution or the ADSM package.''

HBOC provides applications systems software to approximately 2,800 hospitals, and the organization will utilize the IBM solutions in its development work throughout the network. Initially, backup and recovery only will be done at the main corporate facility in Atlanta. Over time, the plan is to look at expanding the effort at all HBOC regional data centers worldwide and at all customer facilities.

``The packaged IBM hardware and software solution was very attractive,'' said Tim Aligheri, HBOC's director of Development Infrastructure, Atlanta, Ga. ``No other information technology provider offered such a solid combined package, with the fast and consistent speed we witnessed with the Network Storage Manager. ADSM on its own provides excellent backup and recovery; as part of the Network Storage Manager, the overall, combined solution is beyond comparison.''

IBM's Network Storage Manager comprises common storage building blocks that are more cost-effective when integrated than sold separately and assembled. In addition to ADSM Version 3.1, all new models of Network Storage Manager include IBM's scalable intelligent service complex, IBM's leading 7133 Serial Disk System and a choice of IBM's industry leading Magstar tape storage subsystems. The entire Network Storage Manager is connected to the network with any common network connections, such as FDDI, Token-Ring, Ethernet and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM).

In addition to backup and recovery, ADSM also provides archival and retrieval, hierarchical storage management and disaster recovery. ADSM currently offers the broadest range of client/server platforms in the industry. The ADSM product family includes servers on nine different IBM and non-IBM operating system platforms and provides backup/archive capabilities on almost every popular platform. Data can be stored on a variety of IBM and non-IBM devices including disk drives, stand-alone tape subsystems and tape library systems. ADSM is installed in more than 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies and has more than 400, 000 client installations installations worldwide. ADSM and Network Storage Manager are Seascape Storage Enterprise Architecture solutions.

For more information, visit IBM Storage Systems Division on the World Wide Web at

IBM Global Healthcare Industry is one of 11 industry business units within IBM, chartered with understanding the customer's business needs and delivering integrated, flexible solutions that take advantage of leading edge technologies and applications from IBM and IBM Business Partners, and add value for IBM's customers.

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(a) ADSTAR and IBM are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.

(b) Seascape is IBM's storage enterprise architecture, a blueprint for comprehensive storage solutions optimized for a connected world. The Seascape architecture outlines next-generation concepts for storage by integrating modular building block technologies from IBM, including disk, tape and optical storage media, powerful processors and rich software.

Integrated Seascape solutions are highly reliable, scalable and versatile and support specialized applications on servers ranging from PCs to supercomputers.

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