IBM Unveils Software to Help Clients Manage Content, Process and Compliance

Offerings Enable Customers to Achieve Greater Business Agility

LAS VEGAS - 27 Oct 2008: IBM today announced new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that are designed to help organizations achieve greater business agility and workplace effectiveness. Recognizing the need for more nimble, adaptable technology, IBM’s agile ECM portfolio provides improved flexibility to help business users respond faster to changing business requirements. The new solutions will allow customers to optimize content-based operational and compliance processes.

Unifying content, process and compliance capabilities in a new composite application framework, IBM’s agile ECM enables clients to quickly solve increasingly complex business problems. Using a flexible, services-oriented environment, clients can now deploy solution applications within days instead of months. With this new offering, IBM is helping clients accelerate time-to-value, improving end-user accessibility and allowing business professionals to optimize their content-based processes.

Further, IBM’s agile ECM portfolio helps clients realize IBM’s Information On Demand vision. It makes it easier for business users to connect content in the context of their business processes and leverage that information to facilitate business optimization.

“Organizations need information to innovate and optimize their businesses, but many struggle with how to manage all the information that they have,” said Ken Bisconti, vice president, products and strategy, IBM Enterprise Content Management. “IBM’s focus on agility with ECM software helps clients address many important challenges, such as how to globally integrate solutions with immense volumes of information and optimize their processes while managing regulatory requirements.”

For example, construction field personnel have frequent interaction with multiple contractors, inspecting their work and documenting their progress on various projects. Many documents are necessary for the accurate record keeping and reporting of all construction activity. Information captured on paper forms, which are then filed in a project book or transcribed into an online data storage system, can be flawed by delays in data entry, damaged paper forms and errors during transcription. With an agile, end-to-end ECM business process, these documents can be digitally authored and managed and contextual information, such as maps and equipment inventory, can now be electronically delivered to the contractors in the field instantly, improving speed, reducing errors as well as reducing overall project costs.  

IBM Agile ECM Software Portfolio
The volume of information, the number of different information types and the multi-channel communications world an organization deals with continue to grow dramatically. With globalization and changing market conditions, organizations need to access information instantly. Utilizing an IBM service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach, IBM’s agile ECM portfolio is designed to address these growing market needs.

Key enhancements in IBM ECM portfolio include:

IBM FileNet P8 4.5 is a unified ECM platform that combines content with Business Process Management (BPM) and compliance capabilities. FileNet P8 4.5 has been significantly enhanced across all of its core modules. Highlights include:

IBM also announced that it has extended the IBM Lotus Quickr collaboration software line to include IBM ECM Services for Lotus Quickr, further helping businesses of all sizes manage, share and collaborate on important information. Available in December, IBM Lotus Quickr version 8.1.1 will be the first software of its kind to integrate with documents, spreadsheets and other files that reside in IBM enterprise content management systems. This new integration between IBM Lotus Quickr and IBM’s ECM offerings will allow Lotus Quickr 8.1.1 and IBM ECM users – both IBM FileNet P8 and IBM Content Manager 8 users - to collaborate on business content via Quickr while leveraging IBM’s comprehensive enterprise content management infrastructure.

This technology advancement will allow employees to access enterprise content and programs so it can be easily accessed across the organization. This content includes every day business applications like e-mail, presentations and spreadsheets and complicated records management and business process management programs.

The new software will allow organizations with a variety of IT applications to standardize on Lotus Quickr for team collaboration and social networking needs without the hassle of complex data migration.

IBM is the only company with an integrated portfolio that spans from team collaboration and basic content services to advanced enterprise content management.

For more information on IBM’s agile Enterprise Content Management offerings, visit:

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