IBM Unveils Industry's Most Complete Portfolio of Products For Web-to-Host Computing

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC - 23 Jun 1998: ..For the first time, companies with multi-faceted computer networks can turn to a single vendor for all the software needed to access data and applications across the entire enterprise -- including via the Web.

IBM today announced a wide array of new products and enhancements to its eNetwork* Software family of host integration products, which will create competitive advantage for customers who want to integrate existing applications with the Web. New functions such as Host Publisher -- available with Version 6.0 of IBM eNetwork Communications Server for Windows NT -- maximize the value of a company's computing assets and extend business reach by providing the most complete web-to-host solution in the industry. The single, integrated solution allows easy access for employees, suppliers, business partners and customers.

"Connecting legacy applications to the Internet is not accomplished by simply gluing a Web interface on current applications," said Tim Sloane, director of Internet Infrastructure Research, The Aberdeen Group, a Boston-based research firm. " One of the prime goals for Web-enabling existing applications is to allow customers and partners to obtain more accurate information by eliminating the need and expense for a staff intermediary. With these multiple advantages, it should be no surprise that Web-based self-service solutions are the fastest growing use of the Internet today."

Many companies face challenges in integrating their large, heterogeneous networks so that any machine can securely reach applications and data on any host or server, regardless of differing computing architectures. IBM's solution for host integration provides a simple way to access that data without having to manage a variety of software packages from multiple vendors, or rewrite applications.

"Used together, these products enable secure access -- from anywhere -- to critical business information and applications for all of a company's employees, customers and partners," said Ed Harbour, director, business line management, IBM eNetwork Software. "It's a competitive advantage for companies that want to extend their sales channels, provide new services and make product information available real-time on the Web."

An array of new products and offerings is being announced today, including:

In addition to Host Publisher, other enhancements to Communications Server for Windows NT include:

Other components of the host integration family of products are: eNetwork Personal Communications, the industry's leading full-function communications client; and eNetwork Communications Server for OS/2, AIX and OS/390.

More information about IBM's solution for host integration is available at

IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM Software offers the widest range of applications, middleware and operating systems for all types of computing platforms, allowing customers to take full advantage of the new era of e-business. The fastest way to get more information about IBM software is through the IBM Software home page at

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What our partners are saying about IBM's host integration products . . .
"IBM's Host Integration solution presents a perfect opportunity for enterprises that want to "Web-enable" their legacy applications. With the eNetwork Host On-Demand product -- which is designed for easy integration of end-user oriented products like Advanced Transition Technologies' ResQ!Net -- host access is easy and the value of legacy applications is preserved -- even in enterprises where the entire workforce is accustomed to the PC or mobile console."

-- Jim Shapiro
Executive Director
Advanced Transition Technologies

"Our customers are interested in high-technology connectivity solutions for host access. IBM's Communications Server for Windows NT and our FPX Host Access provides WAN multiprotocol support over X.25, SDLC, and frame relay networks. This multi-adapter support boosts PC availability."

-- Philippe Dambrine

"We are very pleased that IBM, a leader in communications software, is teaming with other market leaders, SCO and Digi, to offer customers an enterprise-class connectivity platform. It's clear that IBM is committed to providing excellent communications solutions for the UnixWare operating system, and we are delighted to support them in this effort."

--Jerry Dusa
President and CEO
Digi International

"We designed our Aviva 8.0 client product as well as our WAN adapter cards with X.25, Frame Relay, and ISDN support to be compatible with eNetwork Communications Server for Windows NT - giving our customers flexibility and making it easy for them to set up PC-to-host connectivity. It's a good fit with the IBM eNetwork Host Integration solution, which clearly was designed with the same things in mind. We think our customers will find IBM's eNetwork Host Integration Solution versatile yet easy to deploy, allowing a smooth transition from SNA through TCP/IP to the Web."

-- Maks Wulkan
Executive Vice President
Eicon Technology Corp.

"For our customers, application performance on the network is vitally important. Our Chariot product helps them test and measure end-to-end, application-level performance. While developing Chariot's Windows NT support, we tested on several NT communications products. IBM's Communications Server for Windows NT was more robust and a much better performer than Microsoft's SNA Server."

--John Q. Walker
Vice President of Development
Ganymede Software Inc.

"Geac EnterpriseServer has been able to quickly leverage the rich functionality in our E and M Series applications to make these systems accessible through a web browser. Our customers benefit by being able to provide broader access and enhanced ease of use to their users. Geac EnterpriseServer is able to add this benefit to its S390 applications because of the IBM network computing framework and its underlying technologies, including Java and Host On-Demand."

-- Doug Ring
Director of Research and Development

"IBM has developed another vital link between end users and SAS software on S/390 architecture. SAS Institute customers will be able to integrate NT workstations seamlessly into their environments and easily access enterprise data with existing S/390 SAS software applications."

-- Chris Williams
S/390 Marketing Manager
SAS Institute, Inc.

"We are pleased to have our new wanXL WAN adapter card for UnixWare 7 selected by IBM. As a major supplier of WAN solutions to the embedded market for the past 10 years, SBE was the natural choice to play an integral role in IBM's strategy to extend their communications reach to include SCO's enterprise-class operating system. Blending the strengths of IBM Communications Server, SCO UnixWare 7, and SBE's wanXL family, customers will enjoy a new standard for managing and accessing data across distributed networks."

-- William B. Heye
President and CEO

"We've had good success integrating Host On-Demand as a terminal emulation platform for connectivity into mainframe and AS/400-based systems, and we're excited about the future of Host On-Demand as a growing alternative for mobile and remote users."

-- Bill LaBriola
SMS Network Services
Shared Medical Systems

"IBM has significantly extended our customers' connectivity options, allowing them to take advantage of the excellent price-performance of UNIX on Intel-based servers while easily integrating business-critical data and applications across the enterprise. TPS/3270 (SNA) and Communications Server form a powerful combination -- enabling customers to leverage their investment in both UNIX and SNA host technologies."

-- Barry Engelbrecht
TPS Systems
"IBM's eNetwork Communications Server for Windows NT provides easy access to host information across the enterprise," said Stuart Lisk, market manager for WRQ's Reflection for IBM. "WRQ's partnership with IBM lets our customers take advantage of Reflection's high performance and centralized administration combined with CS/NT's power to access critical host access applications."

-- Stuart Lisk
Market Manager

"Zephyr Development Corporation is releasing Version 6.1 of PASSPORT TN3270E Client for Windows 95 and NT, concurrent with IBM's release of Communications Server for Windows NT, Version 6.0. The new release of PASSPORT leverages leading-edge TN3270E enhancements found in Communications Server, one of which is the ability to provide service location and load balancing for TN3270E clients. This feature, the culmination of work done together by IBM and Zephyr in the IETF TN3270E Working Group, eases the administrative burden of configuring clients for specific servers and maximizes performance of the TN3270E client and Communications Server."

-- Gregg Ledford
President and CEO
Zephyr Development Corporation

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*eNetwork is a trademark, and OS/2, AIX, AS/400 and APPN are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

** Manufacturer's suggested retail price. Volume discounts apply.

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