IBM Introduces SiView MATE, Object-Oriented Toolset for Semiconductor Equipment Automation

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SAN FRANCISCO - 13 Jul 1998: . . . At SEMICON West 98, IBM today introduced SiView MATE, an advanced object-oriented development toolset for automation of process equipment and material handling systems. Semiconductor manufacturers can use SiView MATE to improve operational equipment effectiveness, minimize scrap and increase yield. It can also significantly reduce development time and cost of equipment integration, by enabling equipment engineers who understand factory requirements to create, test, modify and run applications that monitor, coordinate, control, track and report on equipment operations.

The SiView MATE toolset provides support for SECS/HSMS/GEM-based protocol interfaces, as well as protocol interfaces supporting in situ devices such as logic controllers and general asynchronous and network-based devices. The toolset may be deployed as a "host-side" tool integration platform or as a "tool-side" tool automation development platform.

SiView MATE is the first product of its type to provide a CORBA II** interface supporting the SEMATECH CIM Framework and OMG standards. SiView MATE can be used to enhance and extend the capabilities of most semiconductor MES systems by providing an enabling platform for advanced functionality in the following key areas: equipment/device connectivity, operational equipment effectiveness, alarm management, preventive maintenance, trending, and SPC.

"With SiView MATE, creating the software that drives semiconductor process manufacturing equipment is as simple as drag-and-drop," said Jay Ennesser, Technology Systems & Microelectronic's Industry Executive for IBM's Manufacturing Industries Solutions Unit. "The toolset ships with an extensive library of functional building blocks that can be linked together to create applications, and allows users to easily integrate third-party object-oriented software components. Once they've been created, applications can be easily modified and reused, at other locations within a facility or other facilities with different requirements. The result is that the people who know how the work gets done can program the manufacturing equipment themselves, developing higher quality applications more quickly and at lower cost."

IBM is publicly demonstrating SiView MATE for the first time at SEMICON West 98 (Booth 8316, San Francisco Marriott, Yerba Buena Ballroom). In the booth, IBM's Manufacturing Industries Solutions Unit is spotlighting an array of world-class services, hardware, software and industry expertise it provides to companies that design and manufacture chips, boards, LCDs, and system-level products.

At SEMICON West, IBM is demonstrating integration between SiView MATE and two other software packages: Mitta Technology Group's TRM** (Total Recipe Manager); and ObjectSpace Catalyst**. Mitta's TRM provides secure and consistent control of recipes for manufacturing environments such as wafer fabs, and IBM and Mitta have signed an agreement under which both companies will remarket the two products as part of an integrated software solution (see separate Mitta release). ObjectSpace Catalyst is an advanced process control solution that enables run-to-run control and fault detection in front end semiconductor manufacturing sites.

SiView MATE supports the Windows NT** and IBM AIX* operating systems. The toolset will be available in October. For more information on SiView MATE, customers can call (800) 426-7914, priority code GEPS.

IBM Manufacturing Industries Solutions unit

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*Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

**Corba II is a trademark of the Object Management Group, Inc.; ObjectSpace Catalyst is a trademark of Objectspace, Inc; Windows NT is a trademark of Microsoft Corp; TRM is a trademark of Mitta Technology Group; All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

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