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IBM* announced 11 new business partners that are tailoring their applications to work with IBM's commerce software portfolio. These business partners offer customers the most comprehensive electronic commerce solutions in critical application areas, such as: personalization, merch & ising, software distribution, customer service & support & enterprise resource planning (ERP) - 15 Jul 1998: specific solutions that deliver a competitive advantage to businesses in all industries:

Business Evolution, Inc.**

Founded in 1995, Business Evolution, Inc. (BEI) is revolutionizing Web-based customer service with @Once Service Center**, its comprehensive customer service software that integrates two text-based, client-server applications: @Once Enterprise**, which enables customer service chat and visual collaboration; and @Once Express**, which enables integrated real-time messaging and e-mail. The combination of these customer service functions allows a Web storefront to respond to all types of queries with maximum efficiency; Web site customers with the most pressing, purchase-critical questions can receive live, immediate responses.

BEI's @Once Express is compatible with IBM Net.Commerce, a family of commerce server software. Merchants who purchase IBM Net.Commerce for security-rich electronic commerce transactions and BEI's @Once Express will be able to easily implement BEI's customer service software to enhance their customers' online shopping experiences. Merchants who use both software applications will have an end-to-end electronic commerce solution that ensures optimum customer relations on the Web: BEI technology filters all site queries and routes them to live messaging or e-mail queues, based on the questions' context or purchase-criticality.

"Today there is a lack of customer service applications that meet the needs of consumers trying to conduct e-business on the Web. Our product, along with IBM Net.Commerce, will allow for businesses to increase sales while improving overall customer service and support" said P.V. Kannan, President and CEO, BEI.


CommercialWare develops enterprise software systems specializing in order management and fulfillment targeted for the direct market industry. Its flagship electronic commerce software, Mozart**, provides a high level of integration among customer, product, promotion, inventory, purchasing and fulfillment management systems. Mozart also builds a comprehensive information base about customers that tracks that success of different types of promotions, product offerings, pricing, and customer acquisition strategies.

CommericalWare will integrate with IBM Net.Commerce, as well as other IBM middleware products including MQ Series*, Lotus Notes* and Domino*. This integration will enable direct marketing companies to provide a more comprehensive level of customer service via online product reservations, credit card and payment.

"Integrating IBM's e-business products with Mozart will help take online direct marketing to a new level," said Donny Askin, President, CommercialWare. "Net.Commerce, MQ Series, Lotus Notes and Domino provide the functionality and security that our customers desire. With this new integration, we will be able to provide complete end-to-end electronic commerce capabilities for on-line catalogs."

Fisher Technology Group**

Fisher Technology Group (FTG) provides electronic commerce solutions and procurement outsourcing that improve supply-chain management. FTG will enable four of its applications: ProcureNet**, ProcureNet Prime**, CornerStone** and Integrated Supply Net** to work with the IBM Net.Commerce merchant server. Interoperability with IBM Net.Commerce will enable supply-chain customers to conduct secure electronic commerce using FTG's proven business-to-business solutions for Web-based buying and selling, featuring content-rich catalogs.

"The solution integration effort, and our growing relations with IBM, means that we are able to utilize the world-class heritage of IBM to expand our overall electronic commerce offerings," said Amelia Mills, VP Product Management, FTG. "IBM Net.Commerce is the perfect complement to our supply-chain management solutions and takes these products to the next level."

Garg Data International, Inc.** (GDI)

GDI, a global enterprise-wide software development, Internet computing, and IT Services provider has announced its integrated product set for New Media publishing, code-named "Pipeline**," will be compatible with IBM's electronic commerce software.

When used with IBM Net.Commerce, Pipeline will benefit from electronic commerce capabilities that are specific to small-to-medium size companies. The design goal is to create a one-stop solution for New Media editors by providing Internet database management, advertisement placement and tracking with integrated electronic commerce capabilities.

"Our New Media clients are demanding a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution to keep pace with their competition. Pipeline's scalable architecture enables publishers to manage an unlimited number of documents, place and track banner ads. By incorporating IBM Net.Commerce, Pipeline adds IBM's best of breed electronic commerce capabilities and a robust relational database capacity for content. With Net.Commerce, site visitors will experience extended search capabilities powered by Net.Commerce's relational database," said Simon Arkell, director of sales, Internet Services.

IMPAC Technology**

IMPAC Technology has teamed with IBM Net.Commerce to create an application that includes Web-site and online catalog creation, EDI integration, hosting and call center services, complete warehouse and fulfillment capabilities for small and medium-sized businesses in the distribution, order fulfillment, packing and shipping industries. IMPAC Technology's application is a retail solution for the retail AS/400* market.

"IMPAC Technology wants its customers to see how these new emerging technologies can help further their business objectives because IMPAC Technology is your business solution for the 21st Century," said Dennis Della Franco, Director of Sales, IMPAC Technology.

Industri-Matematik International Corp.**

Industri-Matematik International Corp. (IMI) is a supplier of customer-driven supply chain management solutions for companies with fast-moving, high-volume products. IMI's System ESS** supply chain management software optimizes the execution of order fulfillment by managing complex pricing structures, promotional activities, delivery methods and billing procedures to maximize customer satisfaction and profitability. Fully featured with advanced Internet and electronic commerce capabilities, the software is both Year 2000 and Eurocurrency compliant and is able to fully integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Combining IBM Net.Commerce with IMI supply chain management software will enable companies to build comprehensive e-business solutions that combine Web merchant sites with software for efficiently managing high-volume order fulfillment environments. By providing companies with a solution to extend their order management processes to the Internet, businesses can rapidly expand their global reach to drive revenue, decrease operating costs and improve customer service.

"IMI and IBM share a vision for e-business -- enabling companies to build customer response centers that capitalize on the worldwide opportunity presented by the Internet," said Stig Durlow, president and CEO, IMI. "The IMI/IBM solution will combine the convenience and service levels customers demand with the supply chain efficiency and scalability that businesses require to drive profits and remain competitive."

Intelligent Interactions**

"Intelligent Interactions develops software solutions for personalized shopping experiences. Intelligent Interactions' "dbCommerce" is a database targeting engine that uses both temporal online data and rich data from offline sources including: demographic, lifestyle and transactional data to dynamically generate a personalized shopping environment for every customer or prospect that visits an online store. By using a variety of data sources in combination with proven database marketing techniques, dbCommerce delivers a robust and effective, personalization capability for electronic marketing solutions.

IBM Net.Commerce works with dbCommerce by providing order fulfillment and facilitating an end-to-end electronic commerce solution.

"The ability to deliver the right message to the right customer using data from online as well as external data sources will improve response rates and lead to higher average order and higher customer lifetime value," said Michael Rowsom, Vice President of Marketing, Intelligent Interactions. "IBM Net.Commerce is helping us to create a complete e-business solution based on our database targeting engine, dbCommerce."

Narrative Communications Corp.**

Narrative Communications Corp. provides high impact, interactive advertising solutions on the Web using its flagship multimedia advertising product, Enliven**.

IBM Net.Commerce will be compatible with Enliven/Impulse**, which features several applications to improve online ad response, capture leads, shorten sales cycles and extends a merchant's storefront directly into Web banners ads. Enliven will leverage IBM Net.Commerce for secure credit card transaction processing and order confirmation.

"The powerful integration of Narrative's Enliven rich media Web advertising technology with IBM Net.Commerce enables businesses to apply multiple points of sale to their e-commerce strategy," said Hilmi Ozguc, CEO of Narrative Communications. "Web merchants and advertisers can set up mini-storefronts within ads to sell where their customers go across the Web."

Net Perceptions, Inc.**

Net Perceptions, a developer of real-time customer interaction tools, allows customers to enhance their one-to-one online marketing strategies with technology that delivers personalized recommendations in real time. Net Perceptions utilizes the GroupLens** Recommendation Engine, a comprehensive tool that helps online businesses foster individual customer relationships by tailoring Web sites to deliver specific and meaningful content.

Net Perceptions will integrate its GroupLens Recommendation Engine with IBM Net.Commerce as its merchant server product to provide a secure electronic commerce solution to its customer base, which includes market leaders such as, CDnow, E!Online, iVillage and Music Boulevard. SpeedServe is the first customer to employ this integrated solution.

Using collaborative filtering technology, the GroupLens Recommendation Engine "learns" from a customer's interactions with the online business to make dynamic, real-time predictions. Businesses can leverage a customer's purchase history to create a personalized shopping environment with highly targeted content. The integration with Net.Commerce further benefits businesses by making it easier for casual browsers to become customers, and increasing sales per online transaction.

"Individual customer relationships is the foundation for establishing and maintaining a loyal customer base," said Steven Snyder, President, Net Perceptions. "By combining the personalized product or content recommendations from GroupLens Recommendation Engine with the secure electronic commerce capabilities of IBM Net.Commerce, e-businesses will make it easier for casual browsers to become loyal customers."


NetGravity provides mission-critical software and service solutions for online advertising and direct marketing. NetGravity's AdServer Enterprise and AdServer Network solutions will interoperate with the IBM Net.Commerce merchant server. The combined solution will provide a complete online marketing system to support the full customer life cycle, from acquisition to retention. Businesses will seamlessly advertise, market and sell products online while benefiting from improved targeting of marketing messages and comprehensive online marketing and sales analysis.

"A critical component to a successful online commerce strategy is to use the medium to reach new and existing customers, creating a tight relationship between online marketing and sales," said Rick Jackson, vice president of Worldwide Marketing for NetGravity. "With the combination of NetGravity's AdServer and IBM Net.Commerce, retailers have a best-of-breed framework to manage and grow their online business."

PersonaLogic, Inc.**

PersonaLogic, Inc. creates, delivers and hosts customized, Web-based "decision guides." These guides help businesses educate customers about their products and services. served into a business' Web site, these customized, branded decision guides allow companies to offer superior customer service, drive transactions, control customer service costs and deliver promotional messages to targeted audiences. Clients include: American Express, Ralston Purina, Ziff-Davis, Excite, Lycos and @Home.

PersonaLogic will integrate IBM Net.Commerce to provide its customers a secure electronic commerce solution for processing credit card transactions. Businesses that utilize PersonaLogic's decision guides to customize a consumer's shopping experience can now easily integrate a secure electronic commerce solution to drive transactions on the site.

"We are thrilled that our decision guides are compatible with IBM Net.Commerce," said Steve Tomlin, president and CEO, PersonaLogic. "Our interactive decision guides act as the "qualifying" piece in the online sales cycle ensuring the consumer is purchasing the products that best meet their needs. More people are turning to the Internet for their purchasing decisions and working with IBM enables us to reach a broader audience, ultimately making a big difference in the quickly growing e-commerce market."

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*Indicates trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

**Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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