IBM Provides Customers Simpler, Faster Access to E-business Environments

Strengthens GSO Offering with Tivoli Plus Module, Smartcard Support and More

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Austin, TX - 22 Jul 1998: . . . IBM today announced a new version of software that eliminates the need for people using multiple systems to sign on to each one individually -- enabling secure access to all approved systems through a single sign-on.

IBM Global Sign-On Version 2 has new features, including the Tivoli Plus Module and smartcard support, that can strengthen enterprise security, simplify administration, and reduce users' time spent logging on to various applications. With this new version, customers can reduce the time required to log into applications from 20 or more minutes to only a few moments. In addition, it provides a single point of entry to computing resources; reduces the security exposure generated by managing multiple passwords; increases the systems administrators' productivity; and is available across leading operating system platforms.

"Strengthening and streamlining enterprise security is essential to becoming an e-business," said Phyllis Byrne, vice president of Distributed Systems Services at IBM. "With about 70 percent of typical help desk traffic being related to password and/or logon problems, IBM GSO is expected to reduce those calls by 50 percent, enabling companies to reduce system management costs while ensuring a high level of security."

Key new features:

Tivoli Plus Module provides:

Tivoli tasks and jobs available for configuring Global Sign-On environment

Stronger Primary Authentication via:

"Both IBM and Biometric Access Corporation have repeatedly heard customers express a need for affordable tools to improve security and productivity. Passwords are a major cause of frustration, security exposures and lost productivity," said Ron Smith, President and CEO of Biometric Access Corporation, whose SecureTouch combined with IBM's Global Sign-On allows automatic access into authorized applications with one touch of their finger. "The combination of IBM's Global-Sign-On and BAC's SecureTouch answers those customer needs with an easy-to-use, user friendly and secure approach that improves productivity at a reasonable cost per seat."

Global Sign-On 2.0 is available across the leading operating system platforms for truly global single sign-on capabilities. It is easily extended to allow maximum flexibility for adding new applications and minimizes the programming effort needed to support them. Global Sign-On 2.0 supports logon access to 3270 and 5250 applications via an emulator, AS/400 Client access applications, LAN Server, OS/2 Warp Server, Novell NetWare, Windows NT Server, Lotus Notes, DCE applications, Intellisoft SnareWorks, and multiple databases (IBM DB2, Oracle, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase). In addition, it is designed to enable future support of additional authentication devices, such as other biometric devices or other smart cards.

Global Sign-On 2.0, part of the IBM SecureWay* family of products, is one of the primary components of the recently announced IBM eNetwork Security and Directory Integration solution. It also improves a customer's security and productivity in using other IBM products like eNetwork Personal Communications 3270 and 5250 Emulation products.

IBM Global Sign-On 2.0 will be distributed by Tivoli and IBM, and will be available worldwide in August. Pricing in the U.S. for the Global Sign-On client will list at $75 per user, and the Global Sign-On server will list at $1,999. Worldwide pricing will vary by individual geographical area.

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