IBM Introduces New Solutions to Strengthen the Security of Midsize Companies

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ARMONK, NY - 02 Oct 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today unveiled new software that helps midsize companies detect vulnerabilities that can lead to costly security breeches, improve organizational productivity, and secure data while maintaining compliance with mandatory business regulations.

Midsize companies face the same security risks as their larger counterparts. However they typically have small IT teams, limited budgets and can lack necessary resources, making their applications vulnerable to security threats. IBM is focused on helping midsize businesses meet these challenges while managing compliance to an ever evolving array of regulatory mandates.

Recent findings from the IBM Global CEO Study show that a secure, reliable infrastructure is key to becoming a leading enterprise of the future. In addition, regulatory compliance is one of the primary challenges faced by midsize organizations. According to Forrester Research, regulatory compliance is a priority for 67% of small and midsize businesses although most admit they are not yet fully compliant(1). In addition, according to a recent IBM ISS Threat Report, 54% of all vulnerabilities disclosed in the first-half of 2008 were Web-based.

IBM's new software, IBM Rational AppScan Express Edition, helps companies address both external and internal Web security threats before they impact the business. In addition, the software helps small and midsize businesses manage Web security and comply with mandatory regulations including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

For example, it is mandatory for organizations that process credit card payments to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a standard for compliance to prevent credit card fraud, hacking and various other security vulnerabilities and threats. As midsize businesses increasingly move to software as a service models, there are potential risks that their customer's information could be compromised. To avoid this issue, midsize companies are looking for ways to comply with this standard, which in turn, will ensure the protection of customer data.

Rational AppScan Express Edition, the latest software addition to IBM's Express Advantage portfolio, is an automated security testing solution that enables users to test for Web application security vulnerabilities. It also provides streamlined advice on how to fix these issues.

"IBM continues to offer comprehensive and cost-effective solutions through the Express Advantage portfolio to our businesses' partners enabling them to meet the needs of their customers as well as address their challenges," said Steve Solazzo, general manager, IBM General Business. "We are determined to ensure the safety of data for our business partner ecosystem and, in turn, their customers."

The latest Rational offering, coupled with the expansion of Express Advantage threat mitigation services into several new countries this year, address the growing need for tools and services that midsize companies require to secure their data while maintaining compliance with mandatory business regulations. They also complement existing security solutions created specifically to meet the needs of the midmarket, across IBM Tivoli, Rational and ISS software.

Midmarket Threat Mitigation Services experience rapid growth
Since their launch in April 2008, the Express Multi-Function Security Bundle and Express Managed Multi-Function Security Bundle have expanded into a number of new countries including Greece, Israel, Turkey, Luxembourg, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Express Multi-Function Security Bundle provides the most complete protection against network threats, vulnerabilities, worms, viruses, spy-ware and spam in a single unified threat management appliance solution.

Express Managed Multi-Function Security Bundle was developed for clients who prefer a fully managed multi-function security solution. IBM is delivering a service that provides 24/7 comprehensive protection, monitoring, and supports a broad array of security needs including: firewall, VPN, behavioral & signature antivirus, intrusion prevention security (IPS), anti-spam, and Web filtering.

The offerings now include new enhancements to secure remote access with Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network (SSL VPN) to employees while delivering tight security controls to IT. This allows more flexibility to connect to the Internet from home, the local coffee shop or when on the road, while ensuring data security. They also contain several firewall enhancements and usability upgrades that include drag and drop firewall rule interface and graphical reports in the web user interface. With the new enhancements midmarket companies are equipped with the tools and services necessary to stay ahead of security threats and compliance requirements.

"In recent years we have recognized that standard firewalls, antivirus solutions, and other typical security systems are no longer adequate to protect our operational systems or data from being compromised," said João Patrão, IT Director from SUMA. "Partnering with IBM has helped us sleep better at night, knowing that our data is protected, that we are in compliance with regulations, and that we get real value from our security investments."

Safe and Sound with Express Advantage
IBM's Express Advantage portfolio offers midmarket companies solutions designed to meet their needs with customizable, affordable and easy-to-manage security platforms. These comprehensive and cost-effective offerings help companies identify and avoid security threats before they impact the business. IBM's solutions help midsize companies:

IBM Express Advantage combines a comprehensive portfolio of technology offerings, business solutions and financing options with a network of local IBM Business Partners and dedicated Concierge customer support service to create a powerful, end-to-end approach for helping the mid-sized customer increase efficiency, advance their innovation agenda and grow.

IBM continues to leverage these capabilities to differentiate itself in the marketplace and drive growth in the $253 billion midmarket, one of IBM's largest and fastest growing market opportunities.

New Tool for Midmarket to Identify Security Vulnerabilities and Address Pain Points
IBM has partnered with the Aberdeen Group to develop the IT Security Assessment Tool for midsize companies to help assess the existing IT infrastructure and determine where they may be vulnerable. The online tool provides them with suggestions on how they can improve their IT security based on Aberdeen's market research.

The assessment tool asks companies to prioritize their top pain points and identify their current capabilities and technologies. Their answers are compared to those from companies that have strong security infrastructures and are consistently compliant with business regulations. The companies can see how they compare in terms of capabilities and technologies. The tool then makes recommendations on areas for improvement and provides them with a detailed report that can help identify where they can improve their security infrastructure and in turn their compliance to mandatory business regulations.

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1 (1) Forrester Research, "The State of SMB IT Security Adoption: 2007," Feb 2008