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IBM Leads in Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution and Manufacturing

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ARMONK, NY - 26 Sep 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Gartner, Inc. has positioned IBM in the leader's quadrant in three of its reports: "Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Asset Management for Manufacturing, September 2008," "Magic Quadrant for Transmission and Distribution Enterprise Asset Management, September 2008," and "Magic Quadrant for Power-Generation Enterprise Asset Management Software, September 2008.(1)"

Each of the reports includes a market description for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions. Gartner said: "An EAM solution includes work order creation, planned maintenance, maintenance history, MRO inventory and procurement, as well as equipment, component and asset tracking for equipment. In its most-evolved form, the functionality is extended by the addition of basic financial management modules, such as accounts payable, cost recording in ledgers, and human resource management for rostering and skill recording."

In positioning vendors in its Magic Quadrant, Gartner evaluates completeness of vision and ability to execute.

According to Gartner, in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Asset Management for Manufacturing: "Leaders in this market have a global presence, a large installed base in manufacturing, strong viability and a combination of rich features including: functionality, interfaces to many different ERP (and supporting EAM) applications, and a capable and global implementation partner community."

"I believe these reports highlight our ability to focus on specific industries and meet a wide variety of EAM requirements," said Bill Sawyer, vice president, Maximo and Hosting Operations, IBM Tivoli Software. "We've added significant resources to our development and installation teams. These resources have increased our understanding of, and commitment to, solving our customers' asset management challenges. As a result, we are confident IBM Maximo will continue to be a leading solution for a variety of EAM markets."

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(1) Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Asset Management for Manufacturing, September 8, 2008. Dan Miklovic. Magic Quadrant for Transmission and Distribution Enterprise Asset Management, September 5, 2008. Kristian Steenstrup. Magic Quadrant for Power-Generating Enterprise Asset Management Software, September 8, 2008. Kristian Steenstrup.

The Magic Quadrant is copyrighted September 2008, by Gartner Inc. and is reused with permission. Gartner's permission to print its Magic Quadrant should not be deemed to be an endorsement of any company or product depicted in the quadrant. The Magic Quadrant is Gartner's opinion and is an analytical representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It measures vendors against Gartner-defined criteria for a marketplace. The positioning of vendors within a Magic Quadrant is based on the complex interplay of many factors. Well-informed vendor selection decisions should rely on more than a Magic Quadrant. Gartner Research is intended to be one of many information sources and the reader should not rely solely on the Magic Quadrant for decision-making. Gartner expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied of fitness of this research for a particular purpose.

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