IBM Teams With the International DB2 User Group to Launch "The Search for the XML Superstar" Software Competition in China, India and Southeast Asia

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BEIJING - 23 Sep 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) and IDUG(R), the International DB2 User Group, today announced the first global competition to identify the next generation of software developers. Known as "The Search for the XML Superstar," the contest will be open to all university students, faculty and professional developers across China, India and Southeast Asia testing knowledge of and skills in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and database technologies.

"When universities and businesses collaborate, they build the next generation of skilled information technology leaders to create new opportunities, fuel economic growth and solve challenges that improve the human condition," said Inhi Cho Suh, vice president of IBM Data Management Marketing. "This competition and our collaboration with IDUG is yet another example of our goal to cultivate individuals and communities with experience in innovative XML database technologies in hyper-growth markets such as Southeast Asia, China and India."

Twenty-five years ago, relational database technology was invented by IBM Research, delivering the first commercially available database software program in the early 1980s. IBM has continued to invest and lead in the delivery of significant innovations in data server technology such as DB2 software with pureXML support to provide a seamless flow of information of both XML and relational data, regardless of format, platform or location.

"This competition is an effective way to bring real world industry experience to students to keep them in touch with IT trends and emerging technologies," said Min Wang, Assistant Director, School of Software Engineering, Tongji University. "We believe the XML competition will promote this exciting technology among students faster than any textbooks. Participants who benefit from it are finding themselves already one step ahead."

"XML is the modern catalyst of information exchange and integration," Associate Professor Stéphane Bressan of National University of Singapore (NUS) School of Computing said. "Regardless of whether they are small to medium or multinationals, companies need to have the capability to manage XML data in a seamless environment for efficiency and productivity."

"NUS School of Computing upholds a cutting edge competence and creativity as integral elements in its teaching and research," added Dr. Bressan. "We are glad to note this perspective resonates within the IT industry, and we are pleased to team with IDUG and IBM in their efforts to organise the XML contest as a platform to enable computing students and professionals to showcase their abilities to innovate."

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which includes Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, is the third region to introduce this contest, following its earlier launch in North America and Europe. The contest has generated enthusiastic participation of students, faculty and professional developers throughout all the participating countries.

Access to this contest will be open to those with or without prior knowledge of or experience with XML and database management. The competition will give participants an opportunity to learn about these technologies, which are necessary in a global economy in which the ability to leverage information will help increase their marketability in the IT industry.

"IDUG is pleased to support this worldwide effort to extol the virtues of XML among developers and database professionals and to members of the academic community," said Julian Stuhler, president of IDUG. "This contest aligns perfectly with IDUG's mission of education, creating connections and sharing best practices among those who rely on DB2 and related technologies. We hope that this initiative will not only showcase the power of XML, but illustrate the importance of a peer-based community as a means to a successful professional career."

"The Search for the XML Superstar" was initiated by IBM in collaboration with the IDUG, an independent, user-run organization of data management professionals. IDUG's mission, and, to an extent, the goal of the partnership, is to support the information services community by providing education and services to utilize IBM's DB2 family of products. Categories in the competition will include Video Mania, Query Challenge and Programming.

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