IBM Helps Mid-Sized Clients Tackle E-mail Management Launches Enhanced Offering to Help SAP Clients Meet Archiving Demands

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ARMONK, NY - 10 Sep 2008: IBM today announced IBM Content Collector Preload Edition, a new hardware and software offering that will enable clients to quickly install and automate an e-mail management solution. The new offering helps users to improve e-mail system performance and to easily and quickly retrieve email to satisfy compliance audit reviews and legal discovery requirements.

IBM also today announced retention management and eDiscovery enhancements to IBM CommonStore for SAP. This solution will help all organizations using an SAP solution to more efficiently manage and archive their SAP data for lower cost and reduced compliance risk.

IBM Content Collector Preload Edition will help customers expand beyond the process of "just archiving" to bring intelligence to information with Content Collection and Archiving -- the process of collecting, enhancing, managing and discovering all types of content including e-mail, regardless of creation type.

"Organizations of all sizes struggle to meet the growing needs of e-mail archiving as well as additional requirements driven by legal and regulatory compliance demands," said Craig Rhinehart, director, product strategy, compliance and discovery, IBM Enterprise Content Management. "IBM is the only vendor that can offer customers the combined breadth, flexibility and simplicity of a complete hardware and software solution that doesn't create an e-mail archive silo - instead it can be seamlessly upgraded for additional content types or additional capabilities as needed." IBM Content Collector Preload Edition includes IBM CommonStore, IBM Content Manager, and the recently introduced IBM eDiscovery Manager. The new offering, which can be installed quickly and is easy-to-use, will help manage e-mail for retention and compliance. Content Collector Preload is designed to help address critical eDiscovery issues by bringing key phases of the eDiscovery process in-house, enabling clients to take control over e-mail and to help reduce overall legal discovery costs and risk, while improving litigation responsiveness.

This new offering is pre-integrated with IBM server and storage offerings and includes: IBM CommonStore for Lotus Domino and Exchange Server: Provides the ability to integrate e-mail content with other contextually similar documents and facilitate retention and archiving, helping clients to achieve compliance with regulatory, government and industry mandates.

IBM Content Manager: Serves as the archive repository. It provides secure support up for large volumes of archived content and does so without creating another "silo" of information. It addition to email, it supports other content types and can be upgraded to seamlessly integrate other capabilities such as advanced classification, search and analytics, records management, and business process management IBM eDiscovery Manager: Helps clients more easily manage electronically stored information; provide earlier insights into collected evidence; and prioritize downstream evidence review, analysis and production. eDiscovery Manager helps authorized IT and legal users search, cull, hold and export case-relevant e-mail evidence. Utilizing IBM's ECM technology as a base, eDiscovery Manager helps customers address the crushing volumes of uncontrolled, electronically stored information and enable a more productive, agile response to litigation.

IBM CommonStore for SAP Additionally, IBM also is announcing enhancements to its IBM CommonStore for SAP product for SAP archiving. The new offering supports the "Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) from SAP" solution, integrated with IBM System Storage DR550, that will enable storage-enforced retention periods and legal holds to be placed on archived SAP information, helping their customers disposition and protect critical SAP business data throughout its lifecycle, in addition to reducing risk, storage costs and the cost of compliance.

The IBM Content Collector Preload Edition will be available later in 2008 from selected IBM Business Partners. IBM CommonStore for SAP with enhancements supporting "ILM from SAP" will also be available later in 2008.

For more information on IBM's Enterprise Content Management offerings, visit:

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