New IBM System Is First to Process 1 Million Transactions per Minute

IBM Unveils New x86 Servers With Latest Six-Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processors

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LAS VEGAS, NV - 15 Sep 2008: VMworld - IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced two IBM System x servers featuring new six-core processor technology from Intel. The new servers offer exceptional power-efficiency, performance and virtualization capabilities for today's most demanding datacenters.

IBM’s new servers running Intel’s six-core processors recently topped four benchmarks, including:

Based on eX4, the fourth generation of IBM's chipset for Intel processor-based servers, X-Architecture, the new systems include the following advantages:

IBM continues to dominate the high-end scalable x86 market, defined at 8-socket systems and above, with more than 60 percent share in 2007 -- three times more than its closest competitor, according to IDC. IBM has lead the 8-way space for three years, turning in double digit market growth in 2Q08, and is the market leader in the Intel 4-socket segment, according to IDC. (5)(1)

“As the market leader in high-end x86 servers and the only vendor to design its own chip set for Intel-based servers, IBM is addressing the performance needs of our clients and the growing demand for scale up x86 servers,” said James Northington, vice president of IBM System x. “The new System x servers announced today provide the innovation our x86 clients have come to expect, with better performance and power usage than our competitors’ offerings.”

The new servers are an important element in helping clients develop a new enterprise data center, which offers dramatic improvements in IT efficiency and provides for rapid deployment of new IT services to support future business growth. IBM is helping clients move to new enterprise data centers by focusing on best practices around virtualization, green IT, service management and cloud computing.

“The latest world-record database and enterprise resource planning benchmark results posted by IBM are testaments to the performance of the Intel Xeon Processor 7400 series with IBM’s eX4 chipset,” said Kirk Skaugen, vice president and general manager Intel’s Server Platforms Group. “These represent more compelling examples of how Intel technology paired with the innovative fourth generation of IBM’s X-Architecture is providing IT managers’ greater performance, scalability and investment protection for their enterprises.”

Both the new System x 3950 M2 and x3850 M2 seamlessly support IBM’s portfolio of virtualization technologies including WebSphere Virtual Enterprise. As part of a SmartSOA approach, WebSphere Virtual Enterprise provides application infrastructure virtualization capabilities designed to deliver greater flexibility, agility and efficiencies to clients. It virtualizes application servers through policy-based workload, application health and application edition management. IBM System x servers together with VMWare technology and WebSphere Virtual Enterprise provides a powerful combination that can enable clients to reap the full benefits of virtualizing their data center.

"IBM continues to deliver innovative technology on high-capacity platforms that are optimized for VMware virtualization," said Brian Byun, vice president of global partners and solutions at VMware. "IBM and VMware's joint work and optimization on 'scale-up' virtual server platforms are targeted at our joint customers looking to implement a virtual datacenter with a minimum number of server images and an efficient physical datacenter footprint."

Pricing and Availability
The IBM System x3850 M2 and x3950 will be available with Intel Xeon 7400 processors in September, starting at $10,389 and $13,389 respectively.

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1 1.) IBM System x3950 M2 with the Six-Core Intel Xeon Processor X7460 2.67GHz (8 processors/48 cores/48 threads), 1,200,632 tpmC, $1.99 USD / tpmC, availability December 10, 2008. 2.) IBM System x3850 M2 with the Intel Xeon Processor X7460 2.66GHz (4 processors/24 cores/24 threads) Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 Enterprise x64 Edition (SP2) and Microsoft Windows® Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition (SP2), 684,508 tpmC, $2.58 USD / tpmC, availability October 31, 2008. 3.) IBM System x3850 M2 with the Intel Xeon Processor X7460 2.66GHz (4 processors/24 cores/24 threads) Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise x64 Edition and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64 Edition, 729.65 tpsE, $457.27 USD / tpsE, availability October 31, 2008. 4.) IBM System x3950 M2 was configured with eight Intel Xeon X7460 processors, 2.66GHz with 9MB L2 cache (3MB per 2 cores) and 16MB L3 cache (8 processors/48 cores/48 threads), 128GB of memory 64-bit DB2 9.5 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition, and SAP ERP application 6.0. Certification Number 2008046. The x3950 M2 achieved 9,200 SAP SD Benchmark users with 1.95 seconds average dialog response time, 46,170 SAPS, measured throughput of 2,770,000 dialog steps per hour (or 923,330 fully processed line items per hour), and an average CPU utilization of 99 percent for the central server. 5.) Reported in the IDC 2Q08 Server Tracker. Results referenced are current as of September 16, 2008. To view all TPC benchmark results, visit For the latest SAP benchmark results, visit