IDC Research Shows IBM Leading in UNIX Servers

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SOMERS, N.Y. - 19 Aug 1998: enhancements to much of its RS/6000 line, its AIX operating system and aggressive new pricing, there's no question IBM is playing to win."

In addition, a separate IDC study shows IBM surging in the area driving much of the growth in UNIX servers -- the Internet. When IDC asked IT executives to name the supplier most important to their companies' use of the Web, they found IBM had more than tripled its mindshare. IDC attributes this in part to IBM's e-business campaign. According to IDC, IBM's mindshare ranking is well ahead of both Sun and Netscape.

"The IDC data show the vibrancy of the UNIX marketplace and demonstrate that IBM offers best-in-class solutions to a wide range of needs including web-site hosting, e-business, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning and technical computing," said Michael J. Borman, general manager, IBM RS/6000.

IBM's UNIX server leadership continues in 1998 with a number of firsts for its award-winning AIX operating system, including the first operating system in a 64-bit environment to be branded UNIX 98 by the Open Group, the only operating system in a 64-bit environment to receive the high E3/F-C2 security rating by the Bundesamt fuer Sicherheit Informationstechnik -- a German government certification authority, and the only operating system with Virtual Private Network certification from the International Computer Security Association.