IBM Launches Next Generation Of InfoPrint Solutions

Expanding Printing Choices and Ensuring Information Delivery

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BOULDER, Colo - 25 Aug 1998: . . . IBM today introduced its next generation of printing solutions which enable users to deliver output to devices, anywhere in the enterprise, with certainty. These solutions offer customers more printing options, while simplifying the printing process. Solutions and services being introduced today include:

"Building on our original InfoPrint promise, we are introducing smart solutions that go beyond the printed page, linking information and output," said Anthony E. Santelli, general manager, IBM Printing Systems. "This seamless integration gives customers a competitive advantage in today's connected world."

IBM InfoPrint Manager Adds Support for Workgroups

At the heart of this announcement is a new version of IBM InfoPrint Manager, the industry's first end-to-end solution to manage workgroup, print-on-demand and production printing, locally and globally. InfoPrint Manager 3.1 now gives customers sophisticated management capabilities for workgroup printing. Integrating heterogeneous environments, InfoPrint Manager brings IBM's proven manageability down to the desktop.

InfoPrint Manager 3.1 simplifies the process of outputting information. A single solution that submits, controls, archives and retrieves print jobs, it supports diverse customer requirements, including commercial print shops who specialize in producing books and marketing collateral, as well as global enterprises operating thousands of printers for office documents and business critical output.

Other new features of InfoPrint Manager include clustering, support for workgroup and color print-on-demand environments as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, including SAP R/3, and a new Java-based user interface. Beyond printing, InfoPrint Manager intelligently directs information across the Internet, e-mail, fax machines, scanners, servers and electronic archives.

"IT shops have been investing heavily in technology as they move to distributed computing, but there has always been a lack of tools to manage printing in networked environments," said Rich Troksa, director of production printing, IBM Printing Systems. "InfoPrint Manager solves this final piece of the puzzle. Instead of never being sure whether the invoice was printed, the check sent or parts ordered, customers can now output business-critical documents with certainty."

IBM InfoPrint 32 -- The Workhorse of the Workgroup Family

IBM's InfoPrint 32, a new 32 page per minute (ppm) workgroup printer, offers the speed, reliability and finishing features needed for business critical applications. It can be integrated with IBM's InfoPrint Manager and Network Printer Manager* (NPM), enabling sophisticated communication between the user and the printer for management and control of print jobs.

Finisher for IBM InfoPrint 60 Adds Support for Reprographics

The IBM InfoPrint 60, a 60 ppm, cut-sheet, black-and-white, duplex printing system has been enhanced with an in-line finisher, enabling customers to produce complete, bound documents in one-step. While still retaining a compact footprint, the finisher offers multiple stapling positions, saddle stitch, booklet folding, z-folding and inserting capabilities. The InfoPrint 60 with finisher is marketed at both an in-house departmental solution and as a new resource for commercial printers.

InfoPrint Color 100 and new RIP for One-to-one Marketing and Book Printing

Following the success of the InfoColor* 70, IBM is announcing the InfoPrint Color 100, with support for wider-format paper and greater throughput for personalized, full color printing. This solution delivers enhanced capabilities for one-to-one marketing and book printing customers.

In addition, InfoPrint Manager has enhanced support for color solutions. The core functionality of InfoPrint Manager, with the additional support of a new InfoPrint Color Off-Line RIP, gives the IBM InfoColor 70 increased performance and more scaleable throughput. To maximize throughput and productivity when more than one job is in a queue, InfoPrint Manager automatically spreads the workload across RIP resources.IBM intends to offer similar off-line RIP capabilities on the InfoPrint Color 100.

New IBM InfoPrint 4000 Model - High Resolution at High Speed

The fastest book printing solution in the industry, the new InfoPrint 4000 High Resolution Printing System, model IR3/IR4, is nearly 50 percent faster than the existing high resolution model and also enables statement printing at a higher quality. This new solution outputs documents at speeds up to 708 impressions per minute (ipm) even at 600 dots-per-inch resolution.

Complementing the InfoPrint 4000, IBM launched the InfoPrint 3000 in July 1998, marking the entry-level of IBM's production print solutions. The InfoPrint 3000 delivers many of the benefits and reliability of InfoPrint 4000 continuous-forms printing at a lower cost and in a smaller footprint, meeting the needs of small and medium businesses. It outputs at speeds up to 344 ipm and is 25 percent smaller and faster than other printers in its class.

Preparing for the Future - Euro Currency and Year 2000 Support

IBM Printing Systems has a team of technical specialists who offer customers consultation, operational and application services to ease their transition with printing and presentation of the euro currency symbol. All of the offerings announced today will be EuroReady, as well as Year 2000-Ready.

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