"Ready for IBM Technology" Program for Semiconductor Products Expanded

Now Includes Foundry and ASIC Solutions, in Addition to PowerPC Offerings

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NEW ORLEANS, LA - 09 Apr 2003: At developerWorks Live! here today, IBM announced it is extending support for solution developers who are working with its semiconductor products.

IBM's Ready for IBM Technology program has been expanded beyond its standard PowerPC products to include foundry and ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) solutions, reinforcing the company's increased focus in all three areas.

"The expansion of the Ready for IBM Technology program is a win-win for IBM, Business Partners, and customers," said Jim Northington, vice president of marketing and business development, IBM Technology Group. "Adding foundry and ASIC solutions to the program helps customers speed their time to market, reduce their development risk, and generally make it easier to do business with IBM."

Under the IBM Ready for Technology program, Business Partners follow a set of procedures to ensure that their products will work with various IBM semiconductor solutions. Ready for IBM Technology solutions include software, complementary hardware, design tools and flow, libraries and IP, and design services. The complete business solution is validated, including processor and chipsets, operating systems, middleware, IP cores, foundry design flows and foundry libraries.

The Ready for IBM Technology offerings make it easier for Business Partners to work with IBM, helping customers create innovative technologies and respond quickly to market demand and opportunity. Participants use a mark to highlight validated solutions and gain exposure to those solutions on IBM Web sites.

As part of today's announcement, 13 IBM Business Partners for foundry and four IBM Business Partners for ASIC have validated their offerings and are now qualified to use the Ready for IBM Technology mark, demonstrating that third-party technology is compatible with a wide variety of IBM Microelectronics Division solutions. In addition, 15 IBM Business Partners have previously validated their solutions in combination with the IBM PowerPC microprocessor and related standard products.

The following IBM Business Partners have validated solutions and are qualified to use the Ready for IBM Technology mark:

ASIC Solutions

Denali Software Inc.
Modelware, Inc.
Silicon Logic Engineering

Foundry Solutions

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
insyte Corporation
Kisel Microelectronics AB
Magma Design Automation
The MOSIS Service
RF Integration, Inc.
Sierra Monolithics, Inc.
Synopsys, Inc.
Tahoe RF Semiconductor, Inc.
TriCN Inc.
Triscend Corporation
Virtual Silicon Technology, Inc.

PowerPC and Standard Products Solutions

Abatron AG
Corrent Corporation
IP Infusion, Inc.
Macraigor Systems
Mai Logic Incorporated
MontaVista Software
NetConscious, Inc.
Nexthop Technologies
OSE Systems
Prime Layer Software, Inc.
Silicon & Software Systems
SlickEdit, Inc.
Spider Software
Wasabi Systems
Wind River Systems

The following IBM Business Partners are planning to validate their solutions with IBM Foundry technologies:

Basecomm Pte Ltd.
Envara, Ltd.
Ericsson Technology Licensing
Nano Silicon Pte Ltd.
Silicon & Software Systems
SOCLE Technology
TelASIC Communications

For more information on the Ready for IBM Technology program for semiconductor products, please visit www.ibm.com/chips/products/wired/alliances/.