IBM Launches New Innovative Aptiva S Series

Top-of-the-Line Aptiva S Series is Stylish, Fast and Fully Loaded

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Research Triangle Park, NC - 27 Aug 1998: ... IBM today announced the Aptiva SE7 -- its most powerful consumer PC. Designed to meet the needs of the progressive, technology savvy buyer, the SE7 is the latest addition to IBM's award-winning Aptiva S Series. Powered by Intel's new Pentium II 450MHz(1) processor and sporting a sleek, black design, the Aptiva SE7 combines the best that IBM has to offer in performance, style and substance.

In addition, IBM is rounding out the Aptiva product line with the Aptiva E4N, priced at $1299*, which is the first consumer PC in the industry to feature AMD's newly announced AMD-K6®-2/350MHz(1) processor.

"Now that we have delivered a superior sub-$1,000 PC, we feel it is very important to re-address the needs of the higher end of the PC marketplace. With our new Aptiva SE7, we are delivering the best in technology, design and performance to fit the lifestyle of the technology savvy buyer," said Brian Connors, vice president, IBM Aptiva brand. "IBM is the company that is best able to bring outstanding quality and technology to consumers at every price point."

Upon its introduction in 1996, IBM's Aptiva S Series product line set the bar for premium PCs based on its design, innovation, style and technology. In that tradition, IBM's new Aptiva SE7 is loaded with leading-edge multimedia technology, superior storage capabilities and extra expandability options for image-conscious consumers who expect the best from IBM.

"The sub-$1,000 PC category has been hot for more than a year, but growth in that space is slowing pretty dramatically," said Aaron Goldberg, analyst at ZD Market Intelligence. "Although low-priced PCs will continue to be an important market segment, there are still consumers who demand, and are willing to pay more for, products with the most advanced hardware and software technology. IBM's new Aptiva S Series is designed to tap into the needs of a market that has been underserved over the past 12-18 months."

Elegant Style in a Smaller Space

Along with the Aptive SE7, IBM is announcing an optional black 15-inch flat-panel monitor for the consumer needing to conserve space without compromising on style. Not only does the 15-inch flat-panel monitor offer a true 15-inch viewable image size that nearly matches that of most 17-inch CRTs, but it is also optimized for 1024x768 resolution. This combination of size and resolution provides sharper clarity and crisper images on screen. In addition, the slim Infinity speakers not only take up less room on the desktop, but also deliver superb audio quality for the discerning listener. These features make it easy to integrate an Aptiva SE7 into any home or work environment. Also available for the Aptiva SE7 are 17-inch (15.9-inch viewable) and 19-inch (17.8-inch viewable) CRT monitors.

The Substance Behind the Style

In addition to the style and elegance of the Aptiva SE7, IBM has incorporated many features that set it apart from the ordinary PC. These include:

Power and Performance

The Answer for Internet Enthusiasts

Owner Privileges -- The Ultimate Membership Program

All new Aptiva models feature a one year limited warranty(8) and include a one year Owner Privileges membership(9). This includes:

Information about IBM's Owner Privileges program can be obtained through the Web site located at or by calling 1-888-PRIVILEGES

Aptiva E4N -- Outstanding Technology at a Low Price

While the Aptiva SE7 is designed to meet the needs of the high end user, the Aptiva E4N delivers outstanding technology and performance at a lower price. Equipped with the latest AMD K6-2/350MHz processor, this system will meet the needs of many mid-range PC users. Backed by the quality and reliability for which IBM is known, this system includes more features than any other $1,299 Aptiva that IBM has ever offered, including 64MB(12) SDRAM, an 8.0 GB hard drive, Infinity speakers and graphics powered by the ATI Rage Pro Turbo 2X AGP.

Pricing and Availability

Both the $2,399* Aptiva SE7 and the $1,299 Aptiva E4N are available at select retail stores across the country, as well as directly from IBM (1-800-426-7235, ext. 4340). For more information about IBM Aptiva PCs, visit the IBM home page on the World Wide Web at or call 1-800-426-7235 ext. 4340.

The IBM Consumer Division is a leading manufacturer and developer of hardware and software solutions for the home. The Consumer Division's products have been widely recognized for technology innovation and product design. These products include the Aptiva family of personal computers, Consumer Options and Solutions, the IBM Brings You Crayola family of software, the Edmark brand of educational software and IBM reference software products including the World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia.


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* Estimated reseller price without monitor. Actual prices may vary.

1MHz only measures internal clock speed, not application performance; many factors affect application performance.

2GB equals one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity; accessible capacity may be less.

3This modem is designed to be capable of receiving data at up to 56Kbps from either a V.90 or a K56 Flex compatible service provider and transmitting data at up to about 28.8 Kbps. Public networks currently limit maximum download speeds to about 53 Kbps. Actual speeds depend upon many factors and are often less than the maximum possible.

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6Available at no charge to registered Aptiva owners during the one year limited Aptiva warranty. Line charges may apply.

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8For terms and conditions or copies of IBM's limited warranty, call 1-800-772-2227 in the U.S. and in Canada call 1-800-426-2255.

9Owner Privileges is available to U.S. and Canadian Aptiva owners. One year memberships are included with Aptiva purchase, beginning on the date of purchase, and are not available on refurbished Aptivas. Registration of your Aptiva is a condition of program membership. Those who bought a qualifying PC before 4/1/98 may purchase a membership for $20 U.S./$25 Canada. IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw the program at any time.

10Some fees may apply to Help Center Support. Preferred call handling is only available during the limited warranty period.

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12Intstalled memory in excess of 128MB will not derive performance enhancements from the included external cache.