IBM Expands Windows NT storage portfolio

New disk storage solution and software enhancements extend support for Windows NT and other platforms

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SAN JOSE, Calif. - 01 Sep 1998: ... IBM today announced a number of enhancements to its lineup of information storage solutions, including a new storage solution for the Windows NT marketplace from IBM and Vicom Systems, Inc. that will bring high-performance, high availability storage to clustered Netfinity servers.

The companies are offering two proven technologies -- IBM's industry-leading storage, the IBM 7133 Serial Disk System, and Vicom's high-performance RAID disk controller, the Vicom UltraLink 2000i for Netfinity* 7000 servers. Vicom will promote the new solution through its established business partner channels and IBM will provide customer service and support in the U.S.

Historically, Windows NT environments were typically implemented for departmental, not enterprise-level, function and management. As companies move more of their business-critical applications such as e-business and business intelligence to Windows NT servers, the demands are rising for enterprise-level performance and reliability, and for continuous access to data.

Server clustering is a key technology used today to increase the availability of critical applications to users by linking a group of servers together so that they appear as a single server. If one server in the cluster fails, another server (or other servers) in the cluster takes over the workload to maintain seamless access to data.

According to industry analysts, the clustering market is expected to be around 10% of the Intel-based server marketplace this year, and 25% by the end of 1999.**

In other news, IBM also announced several key enhancements to its Storage Management Software products, including customer availability of the IBM StorWatch* Serial Storage Expert for Windows NT and AIX platforms, a key Seascape+ storage solution. Also announced today for shipment this month are Version 3.1 of ADSTAR* Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM) for AS/400* servers and ADSM's Enterprise Administration for Windows NT, AIX, HP-UX, Sun-Solaris and System/390* server platforms.

IBM StorWatch Serial Storage Expert offers customers the ability to plan and configure multiple IBM 7133 Serial Disk Systems. The StorWatch family is a set of software products for centralized enterprise management of storage hardware and software resources that operates from a single, remote, portable Web-based interface. By offering a single, enterprise-wide view, the StorWatch product family can lower resource expenses and management costs while simplifying the task of managing volumes of data processed in business intelligence applications, related databases and data warehouses.

The ADSM Enterprise Administration feature allows centralized administration of multiple ADSM servers across the enterprise from a single, Java-enabled, Web-based console from anywhere in the system. Since administrators are more easily able to distribute policies and configure information to groups of ADSM servers, they will be able to manage their network computing environments more efficiently and reduce administrative overhead.

Customers using AS/400 servers can enjoy the ease of performance, usability and control offered in ADSM Version 3.1, as well as an optional Disaster Recovery Manager (DRM) feature. This provides a centrally managed, automated creation of a server disaster recovery plan and media management for off-site recovery.

Available on Windows NT, AIX, HP-UX, System/390 and Sun Solaris, ADSM V 3.1 addresses complex network storage growth challenges. Backup and restore performance is optimized in the new version of ADSM through intelligent, adaptive processing and through a multi-tiered system that leverages storage resources among multiple servers. To enhance usability, ADSM V 3.1 offers fully redesigned user interfaces for quick navigation through large systems and extended functions that include point-in-time restore. In addition, ADSM V 3.1 provides a web-based administrative interface to control and operate ADSM from an Intranet.

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NOTE TO EDITORS: Additional information on IBM's Storage Systems Division and Storage Management Software products can be obtained on the Web at For more product information on the IBM/Vicom clustering solution, call 1 (800) IBM-SERV.

* ADSTAR, AS/400, DFSMS/MVS, IBM, StorWatch, Netfinity and System/390 are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.

**International Data Corporation, February 1998.

+ Seascape is IBM's storage enterprise architecture, a blueprint for comprehensive storage solutions optimized for a connected world. The Seascape architecture outlines next-generation concepts for storage by integrating modular "building block" technologies from IBM, including disk, tape and optical storage media, powerful processors, and rich software. Integrated Seascape solutions are highly reliable, scalable and versatile, and support specialized applications on servers ranging from PCs to supercomputers.

Vicom Systems, Inc., Mountain View, CA., is a leading global provider of products which connect CPU hosts to storage devices and other peripherals. The products, which are recognized for robustness and innovation, are compatible with all Windows NT and UNIX platforms, and with all peripheral connectivity standards. Vicom System's connectivity products are installed in data centers worldwide for enterprise network and mission-critical applications and are supported with on-site, 24-hour, same-day service. The products are sold through Value Added Resellers and in partnership with major computer and peripheral manufacturers.

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