IBM Expands SystemXtra with Flexible Trade-In, E-Commerce and Netfinity Server Installation Offerings

IBM Continues to Lead the Industry with a Fully Integrated, All-in-One Program Focused on the Needs of Small to Enterprise-Level Businesses

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Somers, N.Y - 28 Sep 1998: ... IBM today announced several program enhancements to SystemXtra, the company's industry-leading selection of offerings designed to help companies maximize the return on their PC investments with single-source solutions. With these additions, IBM continues its role as the first and leading supplier of an all-in-one offering that allows businesses to combine hardware, software, support services, training and financing options.

The program now includes such innovative offerings as a flexible trade-in program that gives customers cash back or credit for qualifying IBM and non-IBM equipment, expanded installation services for IBM Netfinity servers, and a new version of IBM's Net.Commerce START - an integrated solution that helps businesses to quickly and easily establish a virtual storefront for e-commerce on the Web. These enhancements are in addition to the full suite of offerings already available through SystemXtra, which was introduced in April 1997.

"From the small business owner to the large enterprise, effectively acquiring and managing PC products is a critical and strategic concern," said Judy Smolski, Vice President, Global SMB Marketing, IBM Personal Systems Group. "This expansion of SystemXtra underscores IBM's commitment to meeting this need by providing the most advanced, innovative and flexible solutions for companies large and small."

New program offerings now available through SystemXtra include:

IBM Trade-In Program -- Offers companies cash back or credit for qualifying new or used hardware, both IBM and non-IBM, which can be applied to lower the net cost of a new IBM purchase1. Applied to hardware ranging from servers to system components such as hard drives, monitors and CD-ROM drives, this program also supports the re-use of equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.

IBM has a longstanding relationship with IBC, Ltd., a leader in the acquisition of used PC equipment. IBC, Ltd. will work with companies to establish the terms and price for acquiring any eligible equipment.

IBM Managed Data Network Services for Wide Area Networking-- Can relieve companies of the burden of building and providing ongoing operational support for networks -- allowing them to focus on their core business. This managed network service provides essential TCP/IP, multiprotocol and SNA connectivity, network management and security capabilities. These features make it easier to link remote or local employees, customers and trading partners while managing business expenses.

IBM Net.Commerce START -- Enhanced for further security, scalability and flexibility, this service is designed for businesses that need to quickly set up an e-commerce site with a low entry cost. Users are guided through each step in e-commerce store creation, drawing from an extensive base of online user, administrative and technical tutorials.

IBM ServicePac for SmoothStart Services - PC Cluster Servers -- An IBM services specialist installs and configures two rack-mountable Netfinity® servers and components, then completes the process with the installation and configuration of Microsoft® clustered software. In addition, a services specialist will verify that the clustered hardware and software is operational, complete an installation record with the user's detailed configuration, and provide two people on the customer's staff with an explanation of the basic installation and administrative tasks performed.

IBM ServicePac for SmoothStart Services for Netfinity Servers -- Includes installation and configuration of an IBM Netfinity Server in the 5000 or 7000 series, as well as the network operating system (Windows NT, NetWare, or OS/2) software and manageability software components. As with the PC Cluster installation, this service also includes configuration, operational verification, completion of an installation record and basic skills transfer to two staff members.

IBM ServicePac for Warranty and Maintenance Options -- IBM continues to enhance this ServicePac offering with faster service delivery objectives and features that customers request in today's technology-dependent business environments.

IBM's service options now include: a) 24x7 on-site service now with four-hour response(2) for a wide range of desktop computers, monitors and servers; b) quicker response for customers who have business-critical dependence on their server with the rapid response of 24x7 two hour service(2); and c) depot repair for ThinkPads with 12-hour service(2) from the time the machine arrives at the depot. For mobile users who need the speed and convenience of on-site service, coverage is provided throughout the U.S. Service options available are based on the specific product purchased(3).

For customers who choose to configure their IBM products with non-IBM options such as adapters, PCMCIA cards and disk drives, IBM performs hardware problem determination and provides labor, at no additional charge, to replace the failing non-IBM option. In cases where IBM has a Technical Support Agreement with the manufacturer, procurement and cost of the failing option may also be included.

Remote Technical Support -- Has been expanded to include assistance for advanced systems management tools such as Universal Management Agent software (UMA), which can help companies remotely manage their networks. Customers receive telephone and electronic support for setup, installation, configuration and problem determination. Plus, with a SystemXtra lease, customers may qualify to receive this service for six months at no additional charge(4).