IBM Introduces Netfinity Advanced Web Hosting Solution

Provides ISPs with Tools to Create More Dynamic Web Sites

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San Jose, CA - 29 Sep 1998: .... IBM today announced the Netfinity Advanced Web Hosting Solution -- a package of software bundled on the new Netfinity 5000 -- that is designed specifically to help Internet Service Providers (ISPs) expand their Web hosting capabilities on a Windows NT platform.

Loaded with powerful IBM software, the solution provides ISPs with the tools they need to manage and deploy more dynamic Web sites for their customers -- sites with the latest in motion, video, sound and interactive capabilities.

"Today's ISPs realize they must continue their transition from access providers to value-added service providers if they are going to survive in this competitive marketplace," said IBM ISP segment executive Steve Oriola. "IBM's Netfinity Advanced Web Hosting Solution helps ISPs expand the Web hosting piece of their value-added services."

Provided in one pre-configured package, the Netfinity Advanced Web Hosting Solution allows ISPs to devote their time to designing higher quality Web sites, not installing and configuring software and servers.

Scheduled to be available late October, coinciding with the official roll-out of the new IBM Netfinity 5000 servers, the Netfinity Advanced Web Hosting Solution will be sold throughout North America by IBM Business Partners.

The main components of the solution are:




Each server comes complete with a limited three-year warranty(3), 90-day IBM Start Up Support, and IBM HelpCenter backed by 2500 technical experts.

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For more information, visit: (IBM solutions for ISPs) Netfinity Servers) (IBM WebSphere Application Server) (IBM Global Telecommunications and Media Industries)

(1) MHZ only measures internal clock speed, not application performance. Many factors affect application performance.

(2) When referring to hard drive capacity GB equals one billion bites. Total user-accessible capacity may vary depending on operating environment.

(3) For terms and conditions or copies of IBM's limited warranty, call 1-800-772-2227 in the U.S. and in Canada, call 1-800-426-2255. Limited warranty includes International Warranty Service in those countries where this product is offered. Telephone support may be subject to additional charges.

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