Mizuho Securities to utilize Cell Broadband Engine-Based IBM BladeCenters

Financial Firm will be World’s First to Adopt Cell/B.E. for Exotic Derivatives Trading System

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Tokyo, Japan, - 27 May 2008: IBM Japan(President and Chairman: Takuma Otoshi、NYSE: IBM)today announced it has delivered the world’s first application for financial institutions, based on the Cell Broadband Engine (Cell/B.E.) architecture and IBM BladeCenter® QS series to Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Mizuho Securities will utilize Cell/B.E. technology to enhance their new Exotic Derivatives Trading System currently under development for handling exotic derivatives.

As the volume and sophistication of derivative trading increases due to the globalization of the securities market, the need to handle sudden increase in data has become a necessity. Especially in the financial services sector, data processing and analytics are required to be done in almost real-time. To cope with this current and future change of market, Mizuho Securities has adopted the Cell/B.E.-based BladeCenter for their Exotic Derivatives Trading System. Mizuho Securities has evaluated their application on the Cell/B.E.-based IBM BladeCenter QS series and concluded it provides the most significant performance increase, while meeting their requirements for precision.

Cell/B.E. multi-core processors have extreme computing capabilities, suited not only for graphics rendering but also for heavy computational workloads widely used in financial institutions. The Cell/B.E-based IBM BladeCenter QS series suits vast numerical calculations now heavily done in this area. In addition to this superior performance, it is highly energy efficient, and since it is in the IBM BladeCenter family, it can be easily managed with other IBM blades housed in a BladeCenter chassis, to provide continuity in IT investment.

IBM Japan will support Mizuho Securities and FIXSTARS (CEO: Satoshi Miki), a company providing Cell/B.E. programming services, with the build and installation of the new Cell/B.E.-based Exotic Derivatives Trading System.

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