IBM Adds Change Management and Enhanced SOA Workflow to Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysis

New offering will deliver a formal approach for governance of Enterprise Architecture programs, including those related to enterprise SOA management and business process analysis

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ARMONK, NY - 20 May 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the addition of change management capabilities to the Telelogic System Architect® enterprise architecture solution.

The announcement features the integration of System Architect 11.1, the latest release of its enterprise architecture and business modeling solution, and Telelogic Change™ 5.0, a Web-based, highly scalable software solution that provides problem tracking, change request and workflow management across the enterprise. This integration offers a formal approach to governance of enterprise architecture projects and related initiatives, including service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process analysis.

“The addition of change management to System Architect provides our customers a formal method to manage the complexity that is associated with projects that span business and IT,” said Greg Sikes, executive vice president, Modeling Solutions Product Division, Telelogic, An IBM Company. “Our solutions automate manual tasks while allowing business and IT more time to focus and collaborate on the intellectual aspects of business and enterprise architectures. Today’s announcement is a significant step forward in enhancing IBM’s Telelogic enterprise lifecycle management solution.”

Successful Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysis require the collaboration and synchronization of many people within an organization. Change management allows business and enterprise architecture teams to build and enhance an architectural model, while maintaining visibility of change requests and their associated impact on IT and business organizations.

By adding a formal change management process to its model-based workflow, Telelogic, An IBM Company, is expanding its capabilities for business and IT users to collaborate on architecture and development projects and to simplify the complexity associated with these projects. Users can quickly and easily find answers to questions such as “Who is responsible for this change?”, “Why was this changed?” and “What is the impact of these changes?”

IBM’s Telelogic portfolio with enterprise lifecycle management offerings is especially suited for SOA environments, where enterprise architecture, business process analysis and model-driven application development combine to enable a single service-oriented workflow across the enterprise. Telelogic Change provides the governance mechanism to guide the development of the architecture and the deployment of the distributed services over time. The integrated solutions can be applied to virtually any organization that needs to promote collaboration between business and IT.

Enhanced Automated SOA Workflow Increases Agility and Flexibility

In addition, Telelogic, An IBM Company, also announced today that it has taken the next steps in providing a model-driven workflow that supports an enterprise-wide approach to service oriented architecture (SOA) through its enhanced integration between System Architect and Telelogic Tau® 4.1, the latest release of its model-driven development for complex information solutions that was announced in late 2007.

The System Architect/Tau integration creates a bi-directional link between business and IT that enables collaboration and workflow from enterprise architecture through the systems and software development lifecycle. This integration increases agility and flexibility in developing an achievable business strategy, as well as the information systems needed to support it, by automating the workflow between business process planning and application development. New SOA support in Tau 4.1 includes a diagram for the complex relationship and trade-off analysis of composite applications, real-time monitoring of Java-based services, and enhanced requirements traceability for governance of developed services and their source code.

Enhanced SOA workflow aids the synchronization of IT implementations with business objectives via automated transformations between formal business process modeling using the Business Process Modeling Notation™ (BPMN™) and formal application development using the Unified Modeling Language™ (UML® 2.1). Make/buy decisions and similar trade-off discussions between business managers, watching the company purse strings, and the IT developers, that need to ensure the best possible technical solution, are now more practical as each group can more easily assess the appropriate tools to perform their job.

“SOA is a practical example of where a collaborative approach between business and IT provides real value,” Sikes said. “SOA is not just a technology, but an architectural principle that addresses current and future organizational strategies. When enterprise architecture is combined with distributed application development, our customers are better able to make sense of their environment.”

An Enterprise Lifecycle Management Approach

Telelogic’s enterprise lifecycle management approach enables an organization—from enterprise architects to software and systems developers—to achieve better and more consistent results. The addition of change management is a vital piece in this approach because it enables organizations to manage business requirements and implement best practices across any architecture, modeling or systems design project. Users can easily spot bottlenecks, analyze costs and track ROI over time using Telelogic Change. Users can add Telelogic Change for change management, Telelogic DOORS® for requirements management or Telelogic Rhapsody® for real-time/embedded modeling.

System Architect 11.1, Tau 4.1, Change 5.0, and the System Architect/Change integration will be available in the third quarter 2008. The System Architect, Tau, and DOORS integrations are available through the current product releases.

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