IBM Delivers "the Net" to Advertising Agencies Through Enhancements to Media Asset Management Offerings

The Result is "More Net" for the Industry

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New York City - 26 Oct 1998: . . . IBM announced today new e-business enabling technology that makes possible strategic use of the World Wide Web in the production and distribution of advertisements and related business information. This digital technology gives marketing communications companies new capabilities to increase revenue, reduce costs and better serve their customers by significantly improving workflow in their enterprises.

The new technology, AdWare Systems, Inc., AdVISUAL 2.0, is a front-end application to the IBM Digital Library that delivers powerful digital storage, retrieval and distribution capability for virtually all critical content in a marketing communications company or marcom department. With Version 2.0, this broad functionality is now available anywhere via the World Wide Web.

By integrating AdVISUAL 2.0 into the IBM Media Asset Management framework, marketing communications agencies are now free to use external networks such as the Internet to distribute any digitized text, image, graphics, video or audio within their enterprise, with their customers and with the media where ads are placed. For example, advertisements under development, campaign plans, job jackets and competitive information can be easily distributed over a wide variety of internal and external networks.

"IBM is Web-enabling the core business processes for marketing communications companies to help them realize the potential of media asset management technology," said Douglas E. Dreyer, advertising segment executive, IBM Global Media and Entertainment Industries. "At IBM, we recognize that business success is dependent on more than just high quality technology products. These products must be integrated into an enterprise-wide network computing infrastructure. The integration of AdVISUAL 2.0 is just the latest step in IBM's long-term strategy to deliver the technology marketing communications companies need to become e-businesses."

Rich, New Functionality Addressing Technology Needs of Marcom Industry

"The synergistic blend of IBM Digital Library with AdVISUAL's intuitive, flexible front-end makes an unbeatable combination for managing digital assets," said Donald G. Fitzpatrick, president of AdWare. "This is a great example of IBM working with a member of their business partner network to deliver leading-edge products that meet the needs of the marketplace."

AdVISUAL brings improved collaboration and enhanced communication between advertisers and advertising agencies. The solution provides a rich set of functions for the digitization of scanned documents and loading of digital photos and other digital files with an easy-to-use search and retrieval capability. AdVISUAL features a configuration tool and the ability to annotate text and images. AdVISUAL 2.0 can be linked to AdWare's core advertising business applications or any other host-based system. AdVISUAL also provides an integrated e-mail capability. In addition, through AdWare's AdVault, customers will be able to take advantage of AdVISUAL's capabilities through a service bureau environment.

Ogilvy and Mather will be using the IBM Media Asset Management framework, AdVISUAL, ISLIP Inc.'s Mediakey and the IBM Digital Library to manage the agency's worldwide archive of digital content. In addition, McCann-Erickson also anticipates using a combination of AdVISUAL and IBM Digital Library to manage segments of its worldwide
content archieve.

IBM Media Asset Management Framework

IBM has integrated its advanced digital media technologies and third party media applications into a solution framework called the IBM Media Asset Management framework. This framework delivers greater application interoperability and media-sharing capabilities to all media and entertainment companies and corporate marketing communications departments. The framework is based on the IBM Digital Library, an end-to-end solution for storage, management and distribution of electronic information in digital form. The IBM Digital Library is scaleable, supports multiple platforms, and features advanced search capabilities.
In addition to AdVISUAL 2.0, other applications being incorporated into the IBM Media Asset Management framework include:

The IBM Global Telecommunications and Media Industries business unit offers a wide range of solutions for telecommunications, cable TV, wireless, broadcasting, publishing, advertising, sports and entertainment industries, as well as Internet service providers in more than 160 countries. For more information on IBM Global Telecommunications and Media Industries, visit

AdWare Systems, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Interpublic Group of Companies. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, the company also has offices in New York, London and Toronto. For further information about AdWare products, services and technologies for the marketing communications industry, go to the AdWare home page at

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