IBM's New Workgroup Printer Lineup Lowers Total Cost of Print for Enterprise Customers

IBM's Device Consolidation, Network Integration Capabilities, Ongoing Global Support Generate Efficiencies, Tangible Savings

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BOULDER, CO - 15 Apr 2003: IBM reinforced its enterprise print market leadership today with the introduction of five new color and monochrome workgroup printers, and two MFP (multifunction printer) Options that can add color and monochrome scanning, copying, faxing and e-routing capabilities to the powerful new printers. Network printing is simplified and mobile communication better supported with a range of connectivity options, including the latest 802.11b wireless capabilities.

"IT decision-makers today look beyond just the printer hardware price-to-buy when considering their output management needs. They want new levels of efficiencies and dollar savings. The hardware must be reliable, fast, produce high-quality output and take advantage of the latest print technology, like wireless and security features. IBM new printer units deliver on these tough criteria. Productivity and real cost savings are the key benefits when leading-edge print technology is networked into enterprise systems," said Michele Morris, worldwide general office segment executive, IBM Printing Systems.

IBM's approach to enterprise print can lead to potential savings of up to 30 percent of total office output costs. IBM works with customers to reduce the number of print/copy/ scan/fax devices, consolidate multiple desktop printers to centralized departmental printers, introduce innovative utility printing models, and help IT managers influence cultural change that embraces electronic document sharing to print less, thereby reducing paper and toner usage.

Innovative Hardware Solutions
The five new IBM workgroup color and monochrome printers announced today range in print speeds from up to 20 through 45 pages-per-minute (ppm) and include many user-friendly features. Cost-saving features, such as duplex, multi-up printing (fitting multiple pages on one sheet of paper) and toner-saving features such as print darkness setting options, will add to the appeal of these powerful printers to workgroups of all sizes in small, medium and large businesses.

The modular, flexible design of the MFP Options gives IBM a sharp edge over competitive hardware offerings, with significant customer benefits. Upgrading a printer by attaching an IBM MFP Option extends the capabilities of the unit, and optimizes the use of space, time and technology. With consolidated capabilities on a single device, supplies and service costs can be reduced, as well as user intervention and consumables management.

"In today's business environment, companies need to maximize their efficiency and productivity to lower costs and strengthen their competitive positioning. To that end, IBM provides a total solution for managing the entire print process: with our strength in professional services, network integration and a competitively priced, broad portfolio of enterprise workgroup printers and MFP Options," said Ms. Morris.

Workgroup Printers
IBM's new enterprise workgroup printer line-up includes:

All these printers come as both a network-ready or base model.

MFP Options
Color and monochrome scanning, digital copying, faxing and e-routing capabilities to a single device can be added to the Infoprint 1332, 1352 and 1372 with the currently available IBM M30 MFP Option and the following new IBM MFP Options:

The existing IBM M30 MFP Option includes an intuitive, color, touch-screen interface and scans pages at speeds up to 23 ipm monochrome and 14 ipm color, and supports the network models of the new units as well as the currently available Infoprint Color 1220 network printer.

Being released worldwide, IBM's latest workgroup print solutions are available in the U.S. and Canada on the following dates:

The Infoprint 1000 family of workgroup printers and MFP Options can be purchased on, through IBM Printing Systems' remarketers and IBM sales representatives (except the Infoprint 1312 base model, available exclusively on