ASCI Blue Pacific Fact Sheet

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IBM SUPERCOMPUTER - 28 Oct 1998: Processors: 5,856

Nodes: 1,464

Performance: 3.88 TF peak
15,000 times the average desk top PC

Storage: 75 TB
All the books in the
Library of Congress

Contract Value: $94 million

Memory: 2.6 TB of RAM
80,000 times the average
desktop PC

Space: 8,000 square feet

Height: 228 yards
Just over two football

Weight: 105,000 lbs

Power: 3,900 watts
Equal to 260 space heaters

Cables: 4.08 miles


Processors: One

Nodes: One

Performance: About 350 MHz

Storage: 8 GB

Contract Value: $1,500

Memory: 256 MB of RAM

Space: Two square feet

Height: 19 inches

Weight: 19 lbs

Power: 95 watts

Cables: 8 feet

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