IBM Expands Business Events Software Portfolio; Technology Uncovers Trends Among Millions of Business Transactions

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LAS VEGAS, NV - 07 Apr 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced new additions to its business events processing software portfolio, which allows business professionals to directly identify and analyze cause-and-effect relationships among events in real time to make proactive business decisions. Additionally, IBM announced a new Business Process Management (BPM) suite.

The new flagship software product, IBM WebSphere Business Events, is built on technology acquired from AptSoft in January 2008 and is designed to establish connections between events and identify possible opportunities and threats by automatically initiating a trigger when trends emerge.

More than 10 million random and scheduled events occur in companies every day. With WebSphere Business Events, business users can sift through these millions of events flowing per second throughout their company to more immediately sense and respond to opportunities and risks. The new product is available through a free, limited-use trial download and a fully supported, commercially licensed version. In a future release, IBM will add linkage to WebSphere eXtreme Scale and technology from Solid Information Technology, which was acquired in December 2007.

"Business events processing is becoming more important as it enables companies of all sizes and in all industries to proactively analyze and respond to minute market changes that can significantly impact their businesses," said Tom Rosamilia, general manager, IBM WebSphere. "By expanding our BPM arsenal with the addition of WebSphere Business Events, IBM is helping clients identify critical business opportunities and mitigate risk."

For example, in the massive multi-player online gaming industry -- a market expected to reach $13.1 billion* by 2012 -- there are anywhere between 20,000-30,000 player movements per second with an inherent risk that perhaps one of the million game players in a single game are conducting phishing expeditions. The total dollar loss from online payment fraud is growing 20 percent per year with an estimated $3.6 billion lost in 2007. These industries are using business events software to uncover trends among the millions of transactions that occur each day that can compromise their business due to fraud, inventory management, and compromised customer service. When coupled with IBM's Tivoli IT event management capabilities, WebSphere Business Events customers can quickly correlate IT and business events to detect and isolate issues such as firewall outages.

ActiveCare Network (ACN), the nation's largest and first nationally integrated service network for administering chronic infusible and injectable medications, is using IBM business events processing software to accurately keep track of tens of thousands of patients and their treatments, new medicines and thousands of doctors and nurses working in 1,400 credentialed clinics throughout the country -- all in real time, saving time and money and improving healthcare for chronic conditions. IBM business events software provides ACN with automatic sense and respond processing that is critical to ensuring patients receive the right therapy from the right resource at the right time.

IBM is also announcing the IBM Business Process Management (BPM) Suite, an integrated set of role-based, SOA-enabled software that provides customers with the ability to design, execute, and optimize core business processes. The suite brings together capabilities from across IBM and includes a choice of two foundational 'Starter Sets' that make it easier for customers to get started with BPM. The Starter Sets are designed to address typical customer scenarios involving systems, applications, content, people, and decisions. Additional offerings expand the value of the suite and include advanced analytics, BPM repositories, and collaboration tools.

The IBM BPM Suite helps companies improve business processes across heterogeneous environments, which include high-volume transactions, extensive human interaction, and broad uses of content, data and information. The suite empowers business users to take advantage of BPM capabilities without additional reliance on IT staff. Further, IBM is continuing its partnership with the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) to build industry process models and best practices to accelerate projects and facilitate collaboration.

The BPM Starter Sets and WebSphere Business Events complement IBM's enhanced BPM software suite, making it the industry's most comprehensive portfolio that automatically tracks, analyzes and responds to changing business conditions -- whether events are planned or unplanned. The combination of BPM and event processing software enabled by SOA helps customers make quicker and smarter business decisions. Finally, IBM Global Technology Services is also introducing a new event management and monitoring offering.

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1 *source: DFC Intelligence