IBM Scores High Marks on SAP's New Retail Industry Benchmark

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Somers, N.Y - 17 Nov 1998: /span> . . . IBM today announced that SAP has certified its AS/400e* series benchmark of 1,345,000 POS (point of sale) sale data line items per hour on an 8-way database server. This means even big chain store operators can benefit from the exceptionally high performance of IBM AS/400e business computers to process POS data quickly and reliably.

AS/400e is the first platform in the industry to certify results against SAP's newly developed Retail Industry Standard Application Benchmark. This benchmark builds on a history of joint activities, including the development of the Retail Interchange software to connect POS systems to AS/400, and IBM's participation in creating SAP's Retail data model. The combination of SAP Retail and IBM AS/400e opens up new opportunities for retailers and suppliers. They can work even closer together in the value chain without having to painstakingly build bridges between disparate systems.

Customers have found SAP solutions on AS/400e series to be the easiest-to-use and fastest-to-deploy when compared to other vendor's servers. A recent Meta Group study shows customers can deploy SAP solutions on AS/400e more than two-and-a half times faster than on competing UNIX** and Windows NT*** servers.

"Retailers are increasingly implementing solutions such as SAP Retail at the heart of their businesses," said Julian David, ERP marketing director, Retail Industry Unit, IBM. "When they do, they need a computer system they can depend on. AS/400 has proven to be the right system at the right time to handle the increasingly demanding needs of retail customers."

The SAP Retail standard application benchmark performed by IBM on October 21, 1998 in Rochester, Minn., USA. It is certified with the following data:

No. of processed sales data line items: 1,345,000 / hour (POS Inbound)

CPU utilization database server: 88%

CPU utilization application servers: 81%

Operating System all server: OS/400 V4R3

RDBMS: DB2/400 V4R3

R/3 Release: 4.0 B

Total disk space: 402 GB


1 Database Server: AS/400e, Model S40-2207, 8-processors SMP, Power PC 262 MHz, 20 GB main memory

Application Servers (Total: 11 servers):

9 Dialog/Update Serv.: AS/400e Model S40-2208, 12-processors SMP, Power PC 262 MHz, 8 GB main memory

1 Dialog/Update Serv.: AS/400e Model SB1-2312, 12-processors SMP, Power PC 262 MHz, 8 GB main memory

1 Message/Enq. Serv.: AS/400e Model S40-2207, 8-processors SMP, Power PC 262 MHz, 8 GB main memory