IBM Announces SAP Certification of its DataInterchange Interface

Enhanced versions of DataInterchange translation software also announced

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Somers, NY - 18 Nov 1998: . . . IBM today announced the interface certification of its IBM DataInterchange Version 2.1 software for SAPTM R/3TM solutions by the SAP Integration and Certification Center (ICC). The DataInterchange EDI translation software interoperates with SAP R/3 via the EDI Subsystems interface and runs on an S/390 Parallel Enterprise server.

IBM EDI Services, a managed electronic transaction service from IBM Global Services, is one of the world's EDI market-share leaders in delivering security-enhanced electronic documents.SAP is a market and technology leader in client/server enterprise application software, providing comprehensive solutions for companies of all sizes and all industry sectors.

IBM also announced an enhanced version of DataInterchange, Version 3.1, which will provide enhanced functions and maximize productivity and performance for customers.

Chand Patel, vice president e-business network services, IBM Global Services, said "DataInterchange is among the first EDI translator software interfaces to be certified by SAP for use on a mainframe with SAP R/3. The combination of SAP R/3 and IBM DataInterchange creates a powerful EDI system for our customers."

DataInterchange electronically translates EDI data, such as invoices and purchase orders, for trading partner exchange. DataInterchange's high performance architecture and unique SAP inframe interface provides superior transaction throughput for EDI subsystems and SAP R/3 solution integration.

SAP R/3 provides an interface which allows the EDI subsystem to report status information for the EDI process. Using the SAP Intermediate Document (IDoc) layout, SAP R/3 generates application data in files which are then sent to the EDI translator using FTP-to-mainframe operations. The EDI translator tracks the status of the SAP document throughout the EDI translation and generates SAP status records.

IBM DataInterchange V2.1 provides the capability to capture SAP status information during the EDI translation and store it in a database for reporting. Tools also are provided to allow the extraction and deletion of the SAP status records from the database. The records are written to a sequential file for transfer to the SAP solution.

DataInterchange V3.1

The new version (V3.1) of DataInterchange includes the DataInterchange Client with the host products. The client has been enhanced to run on a 32-bit architecture.

Additionally, in V3.1 the SAP R/3 status records are written to a DB2 table during the translation process, removing the need for a separate step to extract SAP data.

Support for MQSeries message queuing also is now included in DataInterchange V3.1. Inbound and outbound files can be sent to MQSeries message queues which support many diverse platforms including HP, SUN, Unisys, OS/2 and others.

New profiling features expand control number assignment options and offer ways to reduce the number of trading partner profiles. Trading partner profile and usage setup is simplified, eliminating the need to define an individual trading partner profile for each partner.

Other enhancements include pageable translation for memory optimization, full standards compliance checking and increased DataInterchange Client functionality. For more information on DataInterchange visit: .

With 1997 revenues of approximately $26 billion, IBM Global Services is the world's largest information technology services provider. IBM's fastest growing business segment has an unsurpassed breadth of capabilities, and more than 118,000 professionals helping companies of all sizes solve real business problems and create new business opportunities. For more information on IBM Global Services, visit

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