IBM S/390 Server Hits Shipment Milestone In Record Time

DaimlerChrysler To Receive 1,000th S/390 G5 Server

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Somers, N.Y - 23 Nov 1998: . . . IBM today announced the shipment of its 1,000th S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server - Generation 5, the computer industry's most powerful mainframe server with a capacity of 1,069 Million Instructions Per Second. In under 100 days, IBM has shipped 1,000 of the large servers, the fastest and most successful first shipment of any S/390 server.

"Customer acceptance of the S/390 G5 Server has been strong," said David R. Carlucci, general manager of IBM's S/390 Division. "Our customers increasingly are finding that the S/390 server is the robust, scalable and available base they need for new workloads and to help meet the 24-by-7 demands of e-business."

The 1,000th S/390 G5 Server -- a 10-way Turbo model, IBM's most powerful -- will be installed at one of DaimlerChrysler AG's Detroit, Mich., data centers where it will be running a production workload. This will be the third S/390 G5 installed at DaimlerChrysler. The company was formed from the merger November 17 of Daimler-Benz AG and the Chrysler Corporation. The merger created the world's third-largest auto maker and fourth largest company.

The first 1,000 S/390 G5 Server customers include major airlines, manufacturers, retailers, finance, banking and insurance companies, energy companies, telecommunications and travel service providers.

The S/390 G5 Server in a Parallel Sysplex cluster can deliver 99.999 percent availability. IBM's S/390 enterprise servers are used by the world's largest corporations for mission-critical tasks ranging from recording airline reservations and automated teller machine transactions to running phone company networks and the latest enterprise resource planning applications and using the Web for e-business and e-commerce.

As much as 70 percent of the world's data resides on IBM servers and the majority of that is on S/390.

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