IBM Announces Record Breaking Domino Scalability On AS/400

Supports More than 27,000 Lotus Domino Users On a Single Server, Four Times More Than Any Comparable Server

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Somers, N.Y. - 23 Nov 1998: . . . IBM today announced a new record for Lotus Domino scalability on a single server. The new mark of more than 27,000 active mail users on an AS/400e server shatters the previous record set by AS/400 just 10 months ago and is over four times more scalable than its nearest competitors.

In independent tests(a), the IBM AS/400e model s40 -- running Lotus Domino 4.6 server software in native 64-bit mode -- performed flawlessly, handling 27,030 concurrent mail users while using less than 80 percent of the computer's capacity. AS/400e more than doubled its own NotesBench(a) record of 10,400 mail users certified on January 26, 1998.

With this new scalability, a single AS/400e server running Domino mail could theoretically connect all 23,900 undergraduate students and 3,200 full-time faculty members at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The best competing solution would take at least four systems, plus more networking hardware, administration costs and support staff to connect the same number of people.

"We converted two Sun Solaris UNIX servers to a single AS/400 running Domino. Since the migration, the AS/400 has eliminated Landscape Structure's down time issues. Now, my network headaches have gone away,'' said Mike Mullin, IT Manager, Landscape Structures, Inc. ``Our single AS/400e server provides Domino e-mail, Web serving, collaborative processing, and Novell file serving. We can also run native business applications; maybe an inventory application, and accounts payable and receivable. AS/400 will satisfy all those front and back office environment needs very nicely from one central location.''

IBM also offers a highly scalable solution for businesses that start small but are growing fast. IBM's premier AS/400 entry server -- the e-series model 170 -- can handle more than 1,300 active mail users on a single server.

"Domino for AS/400 is scaling 400 percent better than any server offered by Sun, HP, Compaq or Digital,'' said Patrice Mitchell, vice president of entry servers, AS/400 Brand. ``Not only are we performing well, but new customers are embracing Domino on AS/400 and deploying the product at a record pace.''

The combination of Domino for AS/400 with the scalability of IBM's AS/400 completely 64-bit servers can help customers reduce the number of servers required to support an enterprise, lowering the complexity of administration and management for a groupware solution.

"These statistics are further proof that the Lotus Domino Enterprise Server is maximized for performance and scalability for the AS/400 platform,'' said Eileen Rudden, senior vice president of the communications product division, Lotus Development Corporation.

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