IBM Unveils Leading Clustering Solutions for Oracle Parallel Server on Netfinity Systems

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Somers, N.Y - 23 Nov 1998: . . . IBM today introduced clustered solutions for Oracle Parallel Server(R) that can be implemented in a matter of days. The cluster solutions incorporate the new IBM Netfinity 7000 M10 server equipped with Pentium II Xeon processors, Fibre Channel storage, and start-up support from IBM Global Services.

In June, IBM became the first hardware provider to achieve Oracle Parallel Server certification with a Fibre Channel storage solution. The addition of new clustered solutions provide more opportunities for customers to build powerful and scaleable relational database management systems using the latest high performance systems and storage subsystem technology from IBM.

For Netfinity customers, Oracle Parallel Server certification brings the opportunity to use the full power of hardware clustering for data-intensive applications such as business intelligence and enterprise resource planning. For Oracle users, certification means dramatically increased reliability, manageability and scalability through the use of Netfinity hardware with Fibre Channel storage.

"Certification of Netfinity 7000 M10 servers with Oracle Parallel Server provides the added performance and reliability our customers demand of their ERP systems," said Mark Peterson, Director of Strategic Alliances, J.D. Edwards. "Industries depend on J.D. Edwards ERP solutions to keep them running at peak efficiency, our software running on IBM Netfinity servers delivers nothing short of that, all the time, and with room to grow."

Originating from IBM's large system clustering middleware, Netfinity Cluster Enabling Software enables the use of Oracle Parallel Server and Netfinity servers attached to IBM Fibre Channel storage products. Configurations of up to six nodes are supported today, with installations made easier through IBM's extensive service offerings and Oracle's support and consulting services.

Oracle Parallel Server

Oracle Parallel Server is a leading open DBMS technology taking advantage of clustered systems running on Windows NT. In clustering, multiple servers, or nodes, can share cluster resources such as the disk storage arrays, while continuing to operate independently. All nodes have access to shared disks connected to the system. Oracle Parallel Server takes advantage of this technology to apply the full processing power of multiple machines against a single database.

Each node running an Oracle DBMS has its own memory cache for database data and efficiently coordinates these in-memory caches without sacrificing database functionality or performance. If one node becomes unavailable, users on the remaining nodes continue to do database work, while users on the failed node can switch to another node and continue processing. Database administrators save time by having to administer only one database, while application developers become more productive by only having to deal with data at one location.

Where most Intel processor-based hardware solutions have been limited to four-nodes or less, Netfinity servers running Oracle Parallel Server in a six-node certified cluster represents a leap in scalability for users.

Netfinity and Fibre Channel

Fibre Channel is the next generation of high-speed storage interface used to connect large amounts of disk storage to both standalone and clustered server configurations. Fibre Channel is rapidly becoming a technology of choice for medium-sized to large businesses purchasing Intel architecture for mission-critical applications.

The characteristics of optical fiber -- bandwidth, transmission speed, and distance -- are convincing users to deploy Fibre Channel. IBM solutions may be configured to eliminate any single point of failure in the storage subsystem, providing high availability.

IBM Netfinity Cluster Enabler Software for the Netfinity 7000 M10 Server/Oracle Parallel Server configuration will be available at no charge from the IBM web site in January 1999.

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