IBM Announces Two-year Performance Protection for Baan Company Software

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Somers, N.Y - 23 Nov 1998: . . . IBM today announced the Performance Protection Plan for RS/6000, a new two-year, no-charge program that provides performance safeguards for customers implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications.

ERP is a class of software applications that enables companies to improve their productivity by linking nearly every aspect of their business operations.

Initially offered for customers seeking to install anRS/6000 server and Baan Company ERP software solution, this program is the first in a series that provides industry-leading performance protection for RS/6000 servers.

"IBM has just made it easier than ever to purchase a Baan Company ERP software solution with the first two-year performance plan ever offered," said Lou Bifano, vice president, Solutions and Strategy, IBM RS/6000. "With this Performance Protection Plan for RS/6000, IBM is agreeing to meet specified customer performance expectations during the initial 24 months or customers will qualify for a no-charge performance upgrade from IBM."

"Our best-in-class ERP software and the IBM Performance Protection Plan provides our joint customers with an industry leading ERP solution that will help them manage their businesses," said Doug Grabe, Global Alliance Executive for IBM, Baan Company. "This combination is especially attractive for companies in manufacturing environments seeking cost-effective, easy-to-use business software that can be rapidly deployed by our business partners."

The Performance Protection Plan is available through selected IBM Business Partners and is part of the IBM Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Series. The ERP Solution Series for Baan consists of six pre-configured RS/6000 systems. First time ERP customers are guided through a selection process to match a system to their needs. After selecting a package that fits their needs, customers can enroll in the Performance Protection Plan and be confident that their specific performance requirements will be met.

"IBM's ERP Solution Series for Baan addresses the need for reduced installation complexity and further speeds overall implementation time," said Dan Behm, President, Open Systems Technologies. "IBM's industry-leading Performance Protection for Baan is providing extended support to our customers by delivering a two-year performance protection plan."

Industry Leading Baan Performance

Separately, IBM announced industry leading performance benchmark results on Baan's IVC application running on the RS/6000 S70 server. With 10,269 Baan Reference Users (BRUs), IBM RS/6000 is the performance leader in a UNIX environment for concurrent users of Baan Company business applications.