New IBM Podcast Gives Listeners a Glimpse Into "The Future of Smart IT"

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ARMONK, NY - 27 Feb 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today the launch of "The Future of Smart IT" podcast, the fifth episode in its 2008 series of conversations with thought leaders on how technology will change everyday life. Hosted by IBM's Scott Laningham, the new podcast features Dan Esty, co-author of "Green to Gold" and Director of the Yale Center for Environmental Policy, and Dennis Quan, IBM's chief technology officer for High Performance On Demand Solutions.

With high-tech gadgets, data centers and embedded technology consuming ballooning amounts of electricity -- data centers alone accounted for 60 billion kilowatt hours or 1.5% of total US electricity consumption in 2006 -- organizations are becoming smarter in their management of IT to reduce energy consumption. In doing so, they ensure rising demand doesn't get trapped by limited supply. Further, they are discovering that the application of smart IT across business processes creates a competitive advantage.

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